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December 22, 2009

It`s panto season in Walsall land

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This year, we bring you the riches to rags story of a down-trodden yet hard-working girl called Cinder-taxpayer-ella.

Thrill at the spectacular sets and costumes costing millions of pounds.

Laugh as Baron Hardup tries to avoid the Brokers Men who have come to collect the rent for Hardup Hall.

Boo at the ugly sisters, Ringroadia and Gigaportia as they wring every last penny out of poor Cinders.

Smile as the ever cheerful Buttons cleans out the bins and looks after the growing piles of unemptied recycling.

Join in with chanting “Oh yes it is” and “Oh no it isn`t” when the stingy Baron announces the closure of the golf course.

Scream “He`s behind you” when sneaky Traffic Control Officers creep up on old soldiers.

Sigh as the handsome prince spends his days and nights blogging and twittering just waiting for the right girl to come along.

Sneer as loyal but devious sidekick to the Prince, Dansleedini impersonates a pantomime dame called Enid.

Giggle as the hapless Baron closes day care centres and puts up the price of meals on wheels.

Gasp as the Fairy Government Godmother transforms a pumpkin into a redevelopment for residential (357 dwellings) and commercial buildings (shops, offices, restaurants, leisure uses) and car park. Marvel at Baron Hardup`s amazing impression of Marlon Brando in “On the Waterfront.”

Join in with all the old favourite jokes like:

“Do you want to buy a ticket for the Baron`s ball at Willenhall Leisure Centre?

“No, I don`t really like dancing.”

“It`s not a dance – it`s a raffle.”

Sing along as the whole cast belt out a rendition of Lady Ga Ga hits and duck as the company throw sweets at children.

Cinder–taxpayer–ella is a fun-packed traditional panto for young and old alike but is also brought right up to date for Walsall in the 21st century. No-one lives happily ever after.

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