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July 7, 2010

Michael Gove – an apology

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The sorry excuse for a Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, has a lot of explaining to do. Announcing the destruction of the future of British education, this particular dimwit told the House of Commons and children, parents and teachers in Sandwell that their BSF schools were safe. Wrong, go to the back of the class, Gove.

He is now being dragged by the ear back into the chamber to apologise to honourable and right honourable members for telling a load of old porkies. His likely mitigation will be familiar to anyone who has had any contact with a seven-year-old. “It wasn’t me, miss, that Ed Balls pinched my dinner money.” Prior to setting back education by 30 years, it is unlikely that Gove, a privately educated adopted son of an Aberdeen fish-monger, had ever heard of Sandwell. Now, as he stuffs a copy of the Beano down the back of his trousers, Sandwell and the cancellation of BSF will be the basis of his political epitaph.

Born with a perfect face for radio, the MP for Surrey Heath manifests many failings but the major disappointment is his refusal to speak like Bluebottle from the Goon Show. If Mr Speaker lets him off the hook for the 25 errors and inaccuracies in his address to parliament, Neddie Seagoon and Count Jim Moriarty in the shape of Cameron and Clegg will have his guts for garters. Beyond that, Bluebottle will be well and truly “deaded” when vested interests call for a judicial review of the trashing of BSF.

The message that this numbskull has given cannot be more clear. If you attend a school, either as a student or a teacher, you are worthless. If you are a parent desperate for a decent education for your children, try elsewhere and pay twice. If you get caught doing something very, very wrong, deny it and blame someone else.

Gove may well be history, but the crackpot philosophy remains. Goon Show scripts should be compulsory reading on the national curriculum.


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