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July 15, 2010

Bloxwich blockheads

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“History”, said Winston Churchill, “is written by the victors.” The Conservative, then Liberal, then Independent, then Conservative again career politician and titanic war leader also claimed that history would be kind to him because he intended to write it. Sadly, election pamphleteers in Bloxwich West do not share the vision and cunning of the great man.

The good people of Bloxwich go to the polls today to elect a councillor to represent them and will be bemused to find that their Conservative candidate, instead of writing history, is obliterating it with a bloody great big felt tipped pen. An “In Touch” leaflet dropped through the letterboxes of the sleepy hamlet with the election date of July 15 superimposed over the election date of May 6. This commitment to recycling is to be applauded and the blacking out of “£200million” which preceded the words “Investment in Schools” is clearly a responsible editorial decision given that the true figure was £100million and that the Building Schools for the Future funding has been cut anyway.

This has left the Conservative candidate and her agents with a bit of a problem if questioned outside a polling station regarding the actual investment in schools being boasted of. A Labour government awarded Walsall £100million and a Conservative and Libdem coalition took it away. Frank F Harrison was to be a BSF school and is now £120,000 out of pocket with the building still falling down. Serco and the council have decided to close Sneyd and the stealth selection process employed by the unaccountable Walsall Academy means that very few Bloxwich children are allowed to study there. The academies programme was intended to provide state of the art schools for children suffering deprivation, hardship and low aspirations. Instead, they have been populated by the more able and better off who reside far, far away.

The censorship of history displayed in the “In Touch” leaflet, named it seems without any sense of irony, has been picked up by no less than Tom Watson MP over in West Brom. He was the chap who savaged the imbecile Gove last week in the House of Commons, calling the Secretary of State for Education a “pipsqueak”. We wait with baited breath to hear what Winnick and Vaz have to say on all this.

It is worth pointing out that “In Touch” is funded, produced and distributed by the people who are keen to have their photographs published in it and it is at pains to point out that no tax payer money is involved. This is in contrast to the woeful “Walsall Pride” publication which features lots of photographs of Conservative councillors and similar eyewash but, along with the propaganda churned out by the council web site, costs £500,000 a year.

Whatever the outcome of the Bloxwich West by election, history is unlikely to be kind to Theresa Smith.


Although no official confirmation has, as yet, been made available by Walsall council, the results of the Bloxwich West by election seem to be:

Labour; 1142
Tory; 800
UKIP; 91
LibDem: 71
Green; 28

Labour majority; 342

This represents a massive swing away from the Conservatives and the collapse of Liberal Democrat support. This cannot be explained away by citing an incorrect election leaflet. The already fragile coalition government look like they will fall apart as a result of the cancellation of BSF and the decision to close Brynty and Willenhall Leisure Centre may well back-fire on councillors who consider themselves to be in safe seats.



  1. We wait with baited breathe

    Comment by Sara — July 15, 2010 @ 7:47 am | Reply

  2. great win for Fred, massive swing

    Comment by ianrobo — July 15, 2010 @ 11:04 pm | Reply

  3. Shame that the cons have not selected the former mayoress as candidate. I am sure that the eatics detailed on her Facebook site would have appealed to the votors of Bloxwich. Truly an amazing first lady.

    Comment by andrew — July 16, 2010 @ 12:03 am | Reply

  4. An electoral slap for Captain Cluless perhaps, but what difference will it really make?
    BSF is now history by the look of it so Walsall schools will remain shite, Serco will continue to cream off their management fee and more leisure facilities will disappear.

    Comment by Martin — July 18, 2010 @ 11:55 pm | Reply

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