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July 28, 2010

Parental guidance advised

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It may not be apparent, but this humble blog operates under certain unwritten rules of decency, accuracy and truth. There will be no profanity, defamation, lies or unwarranted personal attacks here, thank you very much. That was until today…

Secretary of State for Education, Micheal Gove, is a f***ing spawny-eyed imbecile who deserves to be boiled alive in a vat of his own bullsh**. A plague on both his brain cells. Right, that`s done, let us move on.

Gove`s Acacemies Bill became law today after being rushed through parliament at a rate of knots usually associated with legislation required to respond to the prospect of the Mujahideen scaling the white cliffs of Dover with rucksacks full of plutonium. The justification for this unseemly haste, according to Gove, is because “rich, thick kids do better than poor, clever children before they go to school”. So, this entrenched inequality is the fault of parents either cursed with wealth or cursed with poverty. Sadly, their “kids” are now cursed with him, a “thick rich kid”.

His new law will allow countless schools to hoist the jolly roger and sail off on an uncharted course to God – or not God – knows where. If a majority of parents wish to exercise their new right to form a “free school” as the law now allows, then we may see further examples of Christian Evangelical creationist teaching, Madrassas, Talmud Torah, Guru Nanak and Krishna schools being established across the country in areas wherever a minority is the majority. To be fair, most of the existing faith schools are reasonable and fulfil their statutory duty even under the eagle-eye of the now discredited Ofsted, but Gove has opened the door that will allow darker elements to dictate curriculum and selection.

In an attempt to quell these fears, Gove mentions that Richard Dawkins, the rather shrill and very rich God denialist, has expressed an interest in establishing an atheist Academy. Oh God! – or – Oh not God! as the case may be.

Make no mistake, this is likely to be the most divisive development in education since a Pharaoh misplaced Moses and will force children into an isolationist system that will make apartheid look like a rainbow nation and turn bigoted ghettos into pleasure domes for the misguided interpreters of some very, very old religious texts. It is true that education under the control of local authorities is poor, but at least it is consistently and equally poor for every child. Individual schools, however, work around this lack of support to provide the best possible education to a diversity of children where each child is valued, respected and nurtured regardless of received antipathy. The new law allows any crack-pot with enough clout to control a school to peddle whatever dogmatic claptrap they choose.

Gove claims that he wants to widen parental choice as to which schools are available for children. Great, tell the chauffeur to bring around the Bentley, Cordelia is off to Roedean. In 20 years time, we may find that young adults embarking on what one hopes will be a long, successful and happy life will be able to deny the Holocaust, Gaza, the Enlightenment, 9/11 or Darwinism depending upon which school they attended. Already experts at X-Box shoot-em-ups, they may develop a taste for real weapons, on real streets, secure in the knowledge that they are “right” because it said so in school.

That will be the legacy of Micheal Gove. He may, or may not, rot in Hell, or not Hell as the case may be. It might be best to ask the Chairs of Governors of his new Academies what their imaginary friend has in store for him.

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  1. You should rant like that more often. A fine piece of writing.

    Comment by stymaster — July 29, 2010 @ 8:03 am | Reply

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