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August 4, 2010


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Accidents will happen, but when a fire breaks out in a mega fireworks factory, any child will tell you that a bucket of water and a wet blanket is not going to cut the mustard – or, when it comes down to it, cut the mustard gas. Serco have considerable expertise at extinguishing bright sparks but even they and their consortium partners had to rely on the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service to deal with a blaze at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston.

The AWE is the home of Trident nuclear warheads, chemical weapons and conventional explosives and is run by AWE Management Ltd, a consortium consisting of the Jacobs Engineering Group, Lockheed Martin and Serco. Quite how three private companies with questionable track records and some very loose morals became the guardians of an enormous pile of WMDs is a mystery worthy of investigation by Hans Blix.

Lockheed Martin, an American company, spent millions of dollars on “contributions” to US politicians and aggressively lobbied for military intervention in Iraq to basically create a market for their products. They have also been accused of widespread false accounting and bribery of officials. They also manufacture Trident.

Jacobs Engineering, also an American company, works closely with Lockheed Martin at the Los Alamos nuclear test site in Nevada and at the Y-12 facility in Tennessee where there have been “incidents” brought about by lax safety procedures.

As Serco remain characteristically tight-lipped regarding the education contract with Walsall council, the silence surrounding their defence and nuclear activities is deafening. The AWE does not come under the jurisdiction of the Health and Safety Executive and any investigation will be an internal and secret enquiry undertaken by the Ministry of Defence. Thankfully, the people of Berkshire can sleep soundly as an MoD spokesperson said that “there is no nuclear risk and no radiological threat”. Phew. But what about the TNT? If that little lot went up it would wake children sleeping in Bryntysilio.

As the coalition government continues to destroy Britain from within, the Liberal Democrats, once implacably opposed to a replacement for Trident, now agree that an independent nuclear deterent against the Soviet Union (R.I.P.) is more of a priority than schools, social housing, jobs and morality. The Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991. In what is today called Russia, forest fires caused by an unprecedented heatwave threaten to barbecue the nuclear facility at Sarov, some 250 miles east of Moscow. The authorities have removed nuclear material as a precaution. In Aldermaston, residents were removed to hotels, again as a precaution.

Greenpeace have estimated that a replacement for Trident courtesy of Lockheed Martin and having a shelf-life of 30 years, would cost £97billion. How big is the national deficit again? Already an estimated £1billion has been “invested” on maintaining “key skills and facilities” at Aldermaston in preparation for a boost in dividends to Jacob, Lockheed Martin and Serco shareholders. A case of Building Serco for the Future.

The argument used by the half-wits still so afeared of the Bolshevik hoards is that an independent nuclear deterent is vital because it is independent. With the deterent being run by an American company that makes the whizz-bangs and can start an illegal war as a nice little earner, its major contractor that has scant regard for safety and a British company that will do anything for money, the independent deterent is hardly independent. The revolutionaries of Reading will think twice before launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike because the next time a Serco janitor nips behind the munitions bunker for a sly cigarette, the nukes will be on them.


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