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August 6, 2010

Oops II…

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A reader has privately contacted this humble blog to suggest that associating Serco with malpractice, negligence and mismanagement of ordinance assets at Aldermaston is misjudged, unfair and mischievous. The anonymous interlocutor objects to the use of a “photo shopped” image of a Trident missile launch test to discredit the service company that administers education in Walsall.

The image used in the post is freely available on the internet and does not seem to have been tampered with. For clarity, here is another image taken a split second later.

The images relate to a test firing of a Trident II missile from an unnamed Ohio class US Navy submarine off the coast of Cape Canaveral some time between 2004 and 2006. The second generation Trident is larger than its predecessor and it is thought that the guidance and thrust control systems had been damaged either through faulty loading procedures or an inability to cope with a submerged launch.

Mercifully, the missile was unarmed and the crew of the submarine survived after the self-destruct button was pressed. The images only came to light because the families and friends of the crew, along with other dignitaries, were invited to witness the test launch from a near-by ship and recorded the incident for posterity. It is not known how many parents, children and siblings required therapy following the fireworks display.

Obviously Serco had nothing to do with this failure and concentrates on “bringing services to life”.

Today, August 6, is the 65th anniversary of the nuclear explosion above Hiroshima. In case you need reminding, here is another image of bringing services to life.


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