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August 19, 2010

101 days that shook the world

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Building Schools for the Future – gone.

Children Trust Fund – gone.

The Audit Commission – gone.

The Health Protection Agency – gone.

The Food Standards Agency – gone.

The UK Film Council – gone.

Regional Development Agencies – gone.

Future Jobs Fund – gone.

£1billion in funding to local authorities – gone.

Support for the Libdems – gone.

Housing benefit – going

Social care – going.

Free school meals – going.

Milk for under 5`s – going.

Surestart Maternity Grant – going.

Winter fuel allowance – going.

Disability living allowance – going.

The Liberal Democrats – going.

Trident – here to stay.

VAT at 20% – here to stay.

Tax breaks for banks and corporations – here to stay.

Bankers bonuses – here to stay.

PFI contracts to line the pockets of the already wealthy – here to stay.

Home repossessions – here to stay.

Higher unemployment – here to stay.

A rise in bankruptcy – here to stay.

Bounty hunters preying on the needy – here to stay.

And all this “reform” was achieved in just 101 days. The pain and suffering inflicted on the playing fields of Eton College and Westminster School were clearly character building for Messrs Cameron and Clegg.

Well done chaps – enjoy your holiday.

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