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December 1, 2011


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For the last day of November, Wednesday was unusually mild and covered with blue skies and sunshine. With both boys off school due to the “irresponsible” strike action by “militant” teachers, what better way to enjoy such a beautiful day than a post-breakfast walk around Walsall Arboretum.

As we walked across what was once the only municipal golf course in Walsall, we discussed the reasons behind this most welcomed day off. After a brief explanation, the older boy observed that making public servants pay more, work longer and receive less upon retiring was “a bit unfair”. His younger brother gave this most erudite contribution: “The government is just stupid and greedy.” Some fatherly advice did nothing to assuage his desire to punch the Prime Minister on the nose. From the mouths of babes and sucklings, Mr Cameron.

We knew it was never going to end well. Back on that bright May morning in 2010 when two public schoolboys held hands for the cameras in the Downing Street garden, it became obvious that only a privileged few would escape the carnage.

Now, after 18 months of woeful mismanagement of the economy, Chancellor Gideon offered his Autumn statement. The thrust of his argument is to blame his predecessors, snow, foreigners, “militants”, the OECD and even the coalition created Office for Budget Responsibility. Old Uncle Tom Cobley was strangely missing from the list of excuses offered by this clown masquerading as a serious statesman. The obscenely rich, it seems, will be protected by squeezing the last drop out of the poor, the not so poor, the disadvantaged and people with disabilities. Would you buy a used car from someone called George Osborne?

With zero growth and government borrowing going through the roof (£111billion over the next five years), the braying of Osborne, Cameron, Clegg, Cable and the preposterous Danny Alexander over the inherited deficit has become farcical. It seems that a day of industrial action is way more costly than a royal wedding. These sphincters are borrowing more than Brown and Darling ever thought they could get away with. Add to this the knee-jerk reaction to whatever upsets the already discredited right wing press, and we have a recipe of ruin.

Throughout last week, listening to the sorry excuses of cabinet ministers dragging their sorry derrières around news studios and press briefings, one might come to the conclusion that the end of the world was at hand brought about by public sector workers protesting that their contracts of employment had been torn up. The announcement of entering into the crazy scheme of offering sub-prime mortgages resulted in share prices of building firms going up. Only building firm shareholders will benefit and the homeless will remain homeless. Idiot Clegg announced a billion to force NEETS into unpaid, temporary work. EMA, cut to save the heating bills of bankers swimming pools, cost the exchequer half that amount. Credit easing to small companies only applies to a business with a turn-over greater than £50million and the idea that building roads as a way of improving “infrastructure” will promote the life chances of an impoverished child is laughable.

Interestingly, the Liberal Democrats are supporting this madness. It is sad to see a political party go from blushing virgin to crack whore in such a short period of time. Liberal Democrats, implicit in this ideological destruction of a nation, have had to stare at a lot of ceilings and bite a lot of pillows over the last 18 months. But, I guess that is the price you have to pay for your 15 minutes of fame and power.

Faced with biggest show of strength from an ignored electorate since 1926, this bastard coalition went on the offensive. Ministers spoke of the cancellation of hospital appointments, closed schools and queues at immigration desks at airports. They also stated that only 25 per cent of union members voted for industrial action.

In the name of accuracy, the NHS has proved to be remarkably successful at preserving human life and so is responsible for people living longer and so, therefore, needs to be destroyed.

Schools, in spite of chronic underfunding, still keep producing pupils with the aspiration to find a job. The coalition regards these schools as “failing”.

Airports remained open and the claim that delays at passport control would make Britain unattractive to “business people and investors” and would make the nation a “laughing stock” to the very folk who caused the misery in the first place are as hollow as the hollow men and women in the coalition. With border controls so lax, the passage through immigration has been made easier for both terrorists and adventure capitalists.

Please do not run an internet search for Theresa May, there is a website hosted by a lady with a similar name. It seems that, unlike the Home Secretary, this lady is so poor that she cannot afford any clothing.

As for the 25 per cent of public sector workers that voted to strike, well done. David Cameron occupies 10 Downing Street with 23 per cent of the potential vote. I guess this is called democracy or, as Chomsky says, manufactured compliance. There are those in the private sector who complain about “gold plated” public pensions and some who seem to think that their tax contributions are being spent on subsidising the chilled Chardonnay of “militants”. Perhaps these indignant private sector workers should join a union to improve their lot, stop regarding schools as a babysitting service and spend some quality time with their children.

After the walk in the park, the boys expressed an interest in seeing a picket line. Sadly, the Walsall Civic Centre, the Council House, the Town Hall and even the Walsall Library had been abandoned by the “militants” intent on destroying society. We were told that these anarchists had taken buses to Birmingham for a march and meeting at the NIA.

I gave my middle class kids a choice. McDonald’s or New Street. We were on the train to Birmingham within half an hour.

As they grow and mature, these boys will remember this day and I hope they will proudly say “I was there”. Mr Cameron, you have two new enemies.


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