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January 16, 2012

Freudian slip

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It is not certain if Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Lord Freud has ever visited Walsall to view the Garman Ryan collection at the New Art Gallery. Should he do so, then West Midlands Police need to be vigilant. The man is a cheat and a liar and is capable of nicking Uncle Lucien`s best work.

Sir David Anthony Freud, Baron Freud to his mates, has been tasked with guiding the coalition government’s Welfare Reform Bill through the House of Lords. After the bill suffered a series of defeats last week, the Lords temporal and spiritual return to the Other Place with the government hoping that they will vote away common decency, independence, freedom and basic human rights. Lord Freud, however, is not doing very well and is becoming increasingly desperate.

When the Lords soundly defeated the government last week, Freud decided that he would not accept the decision. When the Lords and Ladies went home to enjoy a well deserved cup of Horlicks and an Inspector Morse DVD, Freud sneaked back into a deserted chamber late at night with a large number of Tory peers and introduced amendments to reverse the earlier votes. Having lost the argument to withdraw state benefit from people with terminal cancer and from children with severe disabilities because of an absence of National Insurance contributions, this ignoble lord attempted to cheat his way to stealing from the poor and, in so doing, brought parliament into disrepute.

With the mainstream press all but ignoring the outstanding #spartacusreport compiled by disability rights campaigners, Freud and the Department of Work and Pensions turned to their chums at News International and the Daily Mail to again smear people with disabilities as scroungers. It is no coincidence that the day before another series of crucial votes in the Lords, the Sun and the Mail cut and pasted a DWP press release demonising the sick, the disabled and the dying. For good measure and in the time honoured tradition of distraction, a story was leaked of the government gifting a £60million yacht to an 85 year old to celebrate her being the richest woman on the planet for the last 60 years. £60million is an awful lot of Disability Living Allowance.

So how is the great grandson of Sigmund and the nephew of Lucien and Clement qualified as an expert in both disability and democracy? After public school and Merton College Oxford, David Freud used the family name to blag a job on the Financial Times. In 1983 he entered the world of finance and made a complete hash of the Channel Tunnel project which lost investors £2billion and required a £1.2billion government bail-out. He later boasted that he had “successfully sold the market a pup”. He then completely failed as vice-chairman of UBS, an investment bank notorious for rogue trading and tax avoidance. How appropriate that all this qualifies him to take £75 a week away from someone who cannot walk.

His credentials in the democratic process are equally bogus. Declaring that he was bored with the city and not merely useless, Freud was appointed by Tony Blair to review the benefits system. He concluded that the private sector should have more involvement in welfare and that single parents and people with disabilities should be forced to work by having their benefits stopped. Then, and now with knobs on, he offers no explanation as to where these jobs are going to be found. When grumpy Gordon Brown took over from Blair, Freud saw the writing on the wall and he jumped ship to join the Conservative party. Rather than endure all the unnecessary effort of standing as a parliamentary candidate and face a tiresome election, he was quickly ennobled as Baron Freud of Eastry and is now the minister that has lied to parliament, lied to the country and is trampling over disabled people and democracy.

Exactly a year after he became a minister, Lord Freud was hit by a motorcycle outside the Houses of Parliament in May 2011. Fortunately, he made a full recovery and remains able-bodied. How different his attack on the vulnerable might have been if he were immobile and in need of care. However, this Perineum Peer, so called because he is somewhere between an utter penis and a complete rectum, remains along with Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling and Maria Miller, a liar. When a Rabbi offers a sermon comparing the Welfare Reform Bill to policies adopted in Germany during the 1930`s, you know that it is time to become very, very frightened.

One can only hope that Her Majesty lives long enough to see the champagne bottle smash against the bow of her lovely new yacht.

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