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June 4, 2012

Fairly and wisely

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There are many differences between Jeremy Hunt and Baroness Warsi. Cameron thinks Hunt behaved “wisely and fairly” but thinks Warsi requires investigation for wrongdoing. That`s a big difference.

The responsibility for the BSkyB deal with the dark empire was removed from Vince Cable because he was found to be biased by “declaring war” on Rupert Murdoch. Within weeks, Jeremy was working on behalf of News International even phoning up the company who hacked the voicemail of a dead girl to ask advice on how the government should spin the scandal of the hacking of a dead girl`s voicemail. That is an interesting definition of wise and fair.

The Lady Sayeeda made the rather stupid mistake of taking a business partner on a ministerial trip to Pakistan. For good measure, she has also been accused of fiddling her rent. With strong echoes of David Laws, this suggests that the ministerial code has been broken. If that is the case, the Baroness will be quite rightly removed from office and probably feel rather bitter.

Firstly, there are others in cabinet, not least Hunt, who have favoured business interests with the position of state power. Education, health, transport, local government and the home office all have very large stones they would like to remain unturned. When Cameron himself visited the Middle East, when it was finally considered safe to do so, he did not take aid experts, medical professionals or those skilled in nation reconstruction. Instead, he took a bunch of arms dealers and manufacturers. The lawless armed gangs currently at each other’s throats in Libya and Egypt are good for British business as are the charming governments of Bahrain and Syria. It makes you proud.

Secondly, the unelected Conservative Baroness might want to sue for wrongful dismissal. After all, her CV fits the job description for a token position in a Tory cabinet. She is a woman, she is from up north, she was state educated and as an added bonus she is a Muslim. Her added qualities is that she is on the fiddle and, as made clear from her public statements, is not very bright. With wonderful serendipity, the business partner is her husband`s second cousin and the company where they are both directors is a food firm called Rupert`s Recipes.

The main difference between Hunt and Warsi is one of scale. Warsi may have falsely claimed hotel bills and might have arranged introductions for the importation of herbs and spices and so clearly has to go. Hunt, on the other hand, has acted illegally on a multi-billion pound media deal that has the potential to influence the political and economic future of Britain, Europe and the world and so has to stay. An investigation into Warsi will find no trace of turmeric on the hands of Cameron but an investigation into Hunt will lead directly back to both Osborne and Cameron. A Dewsbury comprehensive girl has little hope when Cameron needs the head boy of Charterhouse to keep his mouth shut. The hired help are expendable when the upper orders need to maintain their superior position. Eric Pickles will be next.

There is one similarity between Sayeeda and Jeremy, though. They are both crooked liars…allegedly…and in cabinet, are not alone.



  1. Spot on … as always.


    Comment by Antony N Britt — June 5, 2012 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  2. Imagine…. you are an ex-Etonian and current Tory Prime Minister, now in a dark and lonely place. Your friends are about to desert you. Noel Edmonds is on the phone to the Banker. It is time to choose. Which box to pick? Deal or no deal?

    In Box 1 is your old Etonian friend and blaggard, who has managed to make a balls-up of the NI scandal, destroy what little faith the public had in your probity and has steadfastly refused to do the decent thing or apologise for his actions. He is, however, fundamentally loyal, well-connected and will be resilient in the face of a temporary set-back. Do you support him?

    In box 2 is your appointed champion of the Tory working class, ethnic minority vote. She has embarrassed you by doing precisely what many of your colleagues have done. She has, however, confessed to her wrongdoings in a personal, but well publiciised apology. She is seen as fundamentally opportunist, with limited contacts, who will switch allegiance as soon as she is discarded. Do you prefer her

    Both have made a monkey out of you, your public stances on values and your party’s new-found committment to an open administration. But now, the credibilty of your Government is at terminal risk.

    However, before you pick, there is a 3rd box available. This contains a vial of the most potent posion known to a Prime Minister. It is labelled General Election. Box 3 also offers the prospect of immortality or oblivion. Do you have the grace and gonads?

    You, David Cameron, have to make a choice.

    I’m guessing that your choice is to go for Box 1 – am I right?

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — June 5, 2012 @ 1:14 pm | Reply

  3. I must post an immediate retraction. Box 1 contains the ex-Head Boy of Charterhouse and not an old Etonian.

    However, I still invite readers to spot the difference

    My mistake.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — June 5, 2012 @ 1:38 pm | Reply

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