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September 21, 2012

On yer bike

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Before we all get carried away and grab the pitchforks and flaming torches and lay seize to Sutton Coldfield, let us consider which “news” outlet ran the story of Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell`s rather predictable behaviour.

When the Sun devoted its front page to report that a millionaire, public school educated Conservative MP had been rude to somebody, social media types screamed outrage and disgust and called for blood. Given the character and record of the current coalition cabinet and the Tory back benches, a toff being a prat is hardly news. Elements of the twitterati, who last week were calling for a boycott of the Sun, were tweeting direct links to the Sun`s front page. Even John Prescott helped to increase the advertising revenue for News Internationals online presence. The temptation to click on the link was considerable but this humble blog has and will continue to boycott the Sun in all its manifestations. After the truth emerged regarding the Hillsborough disaster, some commentators suggest that we should never believe a word printed in the Sun, but now we should take it as gospel. Waiting patiently for credible news source to corroborate the story proved to be a long wait. Sure, the BBC ran it but the BBC, with its obsession with royal breasts and its refusal to report the sell off and destruction of the NHS, is no longer a credible news source.

So, who are we to believe; a police officer protecting Downing Street, a disgraced “newspaper” with a long, dishonourable history of falsehood or a privileged fat cat with a penis problem demanding that the great big gates should be opened for him because he is the chief whip? Opening the great big gates might be appropriate for the entry of the Queen of Sheba and all her entourage, but a little rich man peddling a bicycle with a wicker basket? The Sun, of course, has its own agenda. As senior management at News International continue to shop its own hacks in a desperate attempt to avoid the Murdoch`s having their collars felt, anything to discredit government and big up the old bill has be an option. If you thought “The Thick of It” was a satirical comedy, it`s not. It`s a documentary.

The Met have made no complaint or, more importantly, no arrests and the only proof that an incident took place is a half-hearted apology from the member for Sutton Coldfield. Interestingly, he denies using the word “plebs” but does not deny arrogance, egomania, a misplaced sense of self-importance, causing offence or the liberal use of an Anglo-Saxon expletive. The former investment banker may or may not have said to the police officer that was there to protect him: “Best learn your f***ing place. You don`t run this f***ing government. You`re f***ing plebs” but that is not the point. Remove the offensive expletive and the sentiment remains the same; a sentiment much more offensive than any word heard in the pub or the playground, a sentiment that is at the very core of Conservatism and, by association, 21st century Liberalism. If he had said, as is probably said in the common room of Rugby School: “You`re beastly oafs”, it still demonstrates exactly what this government believes and stands for. The idea that one human being is superior to another human being because of wealth, power, position or accident of birth was wrong when mankind first descended from the trees and it is wrong now. This current government and its backers and benefactors are in the process of dragging us back into medieval serfdom and subjugation. Little shits like Andrew Mitchell and the rest of the cabinet are simply the public face of a backward step to feudalism.

On any day, Mitchell`s comments would have been abhorrent, but following the deaths of two unarmed police officers in Manchester, the expression of his actual mentality is obscene. If he has in him any shred of honour or humanity, he should resign. If Cameron has even one iota of credibility left, he should sack this bastard. If not, we can expect a new peasants` revolt, only this time it will be supported by the forces required to suppress insurrection.

It`s not going well, is it Dave?



  1. Unfortunately, the Coalition credibility rating has now fallen off the scaleand will no longer register ‘iota’. the term ‘honour’ has also been removed from the curriculum.

    Unfortunately, the terms Mitchell and Gove survive.There may be the making of a double act here, however unfunny.

    I somehow doubt that the cretin that passes for the Parliamentary Member for Sutton Coldfield will be fired.

    More likely, he will be privately thanked for demonstrating that it is not only the province of the working class to become rather upset with heavy-handed policing.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — September 22, 2012 @ 2:35 am | Reply

  2. “IF he has in him any shred of honour or humanity, he should resign. IF Cameron has even one iota of credibility left, he should sack this bastard”.
    Clearly, Mitchell doesn’t have any honour any more than Cameron has any credibility left, however they’re both
    engaging in the most squalid and sleazy of occupations, clinging to power and privilegde long after right or entitlement has gone.
    It is a bit quaint that we’re surprised at their behaviour ….

    Comment by martin — September 24, 2012 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

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