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November 18, 2012

Crime of the century

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Okay, we are only 12 years in and the accusation of the crime of the century might be a little premature given another 88 years of time and a further 30 months of this wretched, corrupt, inept and criminal government. As George Dixon might have said: “Mind how you go”.

The preposterous idea of elected Police and Crime Commissioners and the farcical results that ensued does not imbue confidence in a government that continues to operate without a legitimate mandate. A nation that allows suspected terrorists to walk free yet imprisons young people for liberating a bottle of water during civil unrest must, at some point, surely attract the attention of the European Court of Human Rights and Amnesty International. Fear not, the ECHR and Amnesty International are illegitimate according to our unelected government and should not just be ignored, but should be abolished. We are entering an era that needs a redefinition of what exactly defines the accusation of “rogue state” especially when people with disabilities and the terminally ill are defined as scroungers and layabouts even as very wealthy other people avoid taxation and abuse children. Thank goodness we have a moral crusader like David Cameron to champion our nation. Selling jet fighters to despots is easier than selling crackpot ideas to an increasingly sceptical public. Here is what happened at a polling station near you.

With a national turnout of less than 15 per cent, the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners have about as much legitimacy as a corrupt coalition government that did not win a general election. The conservative (with a small “c” and no pun intended) cost of this pantomime is £75million, enough money to retain 3,000 front line police officers. Cameron still talks of value for money. There are 16 Conservative PCC`s, 13 Labour and 12 Independents tasked with holding the constabulary to account. There is one Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner, a certain Winston Roddick, who managed to get himself elected in North Wales by pretending to be Independent and only revealing his true colours after his victory was assured with a turnout of 14.83 per cent. It seems appropriate that the Liberal Democrat colour is yellow given their propensity for telling lies and other sundry deceptions.

Here in the idyllic paradise that is the West Midlands, we have Labour man and Wolverhampton councillor Bob Jones as our champion. In his election statement he boasted of never living a mile away from the place of his birth apart from a few years spent at university. One might ask if he has ever visited Walsall or Solihull or Handsworth or Brownhills or Coventry. With a West Midlands turnout of 12 per cent, his mandate is as tenuous as that of David Cameron and no amount of vague posturing will divert attention away from the fact that the police service, along with the health service, education, social welfare, the BBC and just about everything else is being destroyed by a corrupt and unelected government. In this scenario, Bob Jones is entirely irrelevant.

In other news, in parliamentary by elections, Labour held Manchester Central, Cardiff South and Penarth and took Corby from the ridiculous Louise Daphne Mensch nee Bagshawe who decided that LA was a better place to be than Northamptonshire. This is very much in keeping with Tory women who would rather eat testicles in a jungle than represent the voters of Mid Bedfordshire. The blessed Theresa May will undoubtedly appear on the Weakest Link or possibly the Jeremy Kyle Show and confirm just how stupid Tory women are. They are as crooked and duplicitous as their male peers but lacking the essential requirement of gonads, they are as irrelevant as Police and Crime Commissioners. Did you see what I did there? Go Nads. Geddit?

There are some people who will rejoice in the fact that the Oxford English Dictionary has included the word “omnishambles” into the lexicon as a definition of a useless, inept and failing government.

Give it six months and we will be looking at “megashambles”. Evening all.

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  1. Why give it 6 months before declaring an electoral disaster?

    Could it possibly be that, sometime around June 2013, statistics will be produced that shows so many positive results in crime reduction that the cost of Commissioners and their election has been more than covered?

    When even the supine Electoral Commission, after Thursdays farrargo, makes public its criticisms , its a shoo-in. Even Red Ed has confined his criticism to the process and not the idea.

    The completely barmy Home Secretary will then claim, after a suitable period, political, moral and fiscal superiority.

    Just like the silly young woman on I’m A Celeb…?

    Continually picked to carry out trials and then refusing to perform unspeakable acts of humiliation, I hope that Theresa May is now fully trained for an early entry to the jungle.

    Given the right sort of moral and televote support, she would make gripping TV.

    Unfortunately, we may never get to see the disengaged British public exercising judgement on her performance through the ballot box, never mind the TV.

    Still, we can dream.

    As in I’m a Celariac…., most of us are too tired and hungry to bother.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — November 18, 2012 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

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