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March 4, 2013

Smoke me a kipper

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Some people are born funny, some achieve funniness, some have funniness thrust upon them and some people are so funny that it`s frightening.

Nigel Farage and the rest of his UKIP comedians have pulled off an astonishing transformation from harmless knockabout buffoonery to a sinister malevolence usually associated with irrational phobias when exposed to a traditional circus clown. British politics answer to Ronald McDonald has managed to wheedle himself some leverage not by promoting high-minded common sense, but by pedalling the tried and tested bile of lies, scare-mongering and hate-filled bigotry. You might recall an earlier clown with a Charlie Chaplin moustache that everyone laughed at until he came very close to destroying the world. It is indicative of the desperate state of democratic representation in this country that a bunch of delusional half-wits have managed to poll the second highest number of votes in Eastleigh and before that in Rotherham and Middlesbrough with nothing more to offer other than single-issue barking mad xenophobia. Even given the eye-bulging bluster and the ridiculous shouting, Farage has managed to force a right-wing oppressive government steeped in dogma to lurch further to the right. That`s quite an achievement for an idiot.

The Conservatives are furious that the good people of Eastleigh decided to believe UKIP lies rather than Tory lies and now perceive a threat to their monopoly on manipulative deception. Engaging in a policy arms race to see who can come up with the most repressively bonkers idea, first to react was Defence Secretary Philip Hammond who wants further cuts to the welfare budget to pay for the guns, tanks and fighter aircraft he like to play with when not playing with himself. Hammond does not mention the massive bill about to be imposed on a mother because her two feckless, skiving sons are not occupying their bedrooms but are instead shirking and trying not to step on an IED in Afghanistan. No reference either to the £100billion needed to replace Trident. You remember Trident; that bloody big nuclear bomb that will save us from a scary beardy man with a rucksack on the High Street who looks a bit… well…foreign.

Not to be outdone, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, a thug with no qualification in law, and Home Secretary Teresa May, a serial incompetent, have let it be known that they intend to rip up human rights legislation and refuse to recognise the European Court of Human Rights. This, like Cameron`s promise of a referendum on the future of EU membership, is complete and utter tosh and is merely a knee-jerk attempt at appearing more rabid than the rabid UKIP dog that is nicking Tory votes. With Grayling and May in charge of a process that will logically place UK human rights on a par with Somalia, the rule of law will break down, statute would become meaningless and (more…)

March 2, 2013

Taking and driving away

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In a time of enforced and unnecessary austerity, shortages are inevitable. There are simply not enough swear words to describe this disastrous coalition government. However…

Section 12 of the Theft Act 1968, concerns itself with taking a motor vehicle or other conveyance without authority. This, as is the way of so many other legal niceties, has been abbreviated to “Taking Without Owner`s Consent” or TWOC. At last, my Lords, ladies, gentlemen and children, we have a new descriptor for the vile bastards that are ruining this country. Placed somewhere between a “twit” and a rooster (geddit?) this perineum word exemplifies everything that is wrong with this nation. Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and their perverted familiars as well as their friends, benefactors and donors in the cess pit known as “The City” and a feeble opposition that does nothing in the face of ruin are complete, unrepentant, scurrilous twocs. (more…)

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