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June 2, 2013

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Slow news day

Slow news day

In times of crisis, tragedy and turmoil, the calm, authoritative voice of the BBC is reassuring when the nation emits a collective gasp at the news of a replacement Dr Who and a shake-up at Strictly Come Dancing. The world is a little less bleak when Fiona or Huw or Kate break terrible news that will change our viewing habits forever.

On Saturday, the BBC quite rightly devoted a lot of news coverage to the unfolding and disturbing unrest in Turkey. Expressing a lofty distain for repressive government and politically motivated police brutality, the corporation took every opportunity to remind us that Turkey is an Islamic nation. Sadly, this principled and moral reporting did not extend to covering events taking place in and around Westminster. It could be argued that an attempt by a very small group of fascist morons to exploit a vile and horrible murder to spread their callous stupidity and hatred is probably best ignored. However, the BBC decided to report on pond life dishonouring the memory of a fallen soldier without the haughty distaste assigned to Ankara and Istanbul. The brief coverage informed us that almost 60 anti-fascists had been arrested for public order offences and then quoted the chief moron of the morons claiming that he and his fascists came in peace. End of story.

It seems strange that a state broadcaster should identify a group of people as being “anti-fascist” and therefore under arrest. One might reasonably think that we are all against fascism but that was before another group claiming to defend England were photographed offering Nazi salutes to a war memorial in Colchester and a member of UKIP described the family of the murdered soldier as “idiots” because they believe that racists are racists. This went unreported by the BBC as did the reminder that Britain is, in name at least, a Christian nation. It is utterly preposterous for left-wing loonies to suggest that the BBC are reciting a government script and the lack of coverage given to thousands and thousands of people protesting against the bedroom tax, the sell-off of the NHS, the destruction of education, poor and vulnerable people committing suicide and sick and disabled people being abandoned because these minor issues are simply not news worthy. Nor is politically motivated police brutality against opponents of a repressive government particularly by the Metropolitan Police; an organisation who were recently described as institutionally racist. The Chairman of the BBC is a former Conservative minister and the new head of news worked for Rupert Murdoch`s News International.

Unfortunately, not reporting stuff is not working in an age of instant social media and even the strategy based on Dr Who regeneration and the removal of some orange dancers is not enough distraction to hide what bad things this government want to do. We have had a Libdem peer accused of perving, a Libdem Deputy Speaker accused of raping men and Nadine Dorries being allowed to speak in public. Now, by throwing some swivel-eyed Tory back bencher, who is somewhere on the idiot spectrum, to the wolves because (shock/horror) he has had his greedy fingers in the till along with a brace of Labour Lords and a one-eyed swivelling Ulster Unionist peer is a sleight of hand worthy of Tommy Cooper. It is clumsy, crude and utterly hilarious. But even this is not enough distraction.

So, when times are hard for an awful Tory government that is failing by the hour and is blatantly lying to the electorate, what is Cameron to do? A quick phone call from Ibiza to the Daily Mail should divert attention away from incompetence and catastrophe.
“Hello Paul? Yes, it`s Dave. Listen, there are two people that might or might not be close to Number 10 who might or might not be at it like, you know, at it. Now I can`t give you their names and they have stopped going, you know, at it but they are both, you had better write this down, middle aged. They have stopped going, you know, at it but this is very serious and could distract people from the important work we are doing in ripping them off. Could you run it on Sunday old chap? Maybe we could then forget about Leveson.”

BBC news announces that Sir Bruce Forsyth is to appear at Glastonbury and is negotiating with the Rolling Stones for permission to air their set.


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  1. Yeah, but Matt Smith leaving Dr. Who, that’s big news. How will we sleep til we know who’s the next doctor ?

    Comment by Keith Povall (@soxer99) — June 2, 2013 @ 9:37 am | Reply

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