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June 8, 2013

Beam me up, Scotty

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When a leader of an opposition party that happens to have the word Labour in its title starts to spout dangerous guff concocted by an idiot of the calibre of George Osborne, it`s probably time to start building a space ship.

With impeccable timing, the boy Miliband has surrendered any attempt at preserving the welfare state by adopting policies that he vainly hopes will meet with approval from foaming-at-the-mouth Daily Mail reading morons. On the sixty-ninth anniversary of predominately working class men fighting and dying on the beaches of Normandy and driving fascism back across Europe, this career politician has abandoned dignity and equality in favour of opinion polls and betrayal. Those that were lucky enough to survive the struggle against evil returned and demanded a fairer society; a home fit for heroes.

After six years of war, Labour came to power in a landslide victory and with a nation suffering with horrendous debt, Attlee, Bevan and others managed to create a welfare state that assured assistance, health, education, employment and a safe place to live. The few that are still with us are witnessing the destruction of everything they fought to achieve with a “Labour” leader exposed as just another opportunist spiv devoid of principle. Set against a collection of crooks, liars and profiteers in government, a credible opposition should be blasting this Klingon battle fleet with phasers set to full. Instead, Miliband is set apart only by the shade of his expensive neck tie. The universe might be infinite and rather than offer any policy, the “Labour” front bench are content to whine and then boldly go where the Conservatives have already gone. Ditching the principle of universal benefit is just the start as the nation plunges to oblivion at warp speed. The tragedy of this tactic is that it will alienate left thinking core supporters, definitely not fool the Daily Mail bigots and will drive the easily led into the arms of vacuous, hate-mongering dingbats like Ukip.

Given the increasingly monochrome mendacity of national politics and the conviction that the next election will be decided by an individual van driver from Essex, a working mother called Chantelle who lives in Worcester and some bloke down the pub who doesn`t trust Romulans, dire voter apathy can only worsen. Professional Tory spin doctors might consider their party activists as swivel eyed loons but their identical “Labour” counterparts are unlikely to invite grass roots socialist types to garden parties at the pied-a-terre in Notting Hill. Having embraced the scrounger rhetoric of “worklessness” and the “something for nothing” curse of the shirking undeserving poor, new Tory Labour are happy to let the left continue the long tradition of internecine in-fighting. Conveniently forgotten is the fact that the dismantling of the welfare state began under a “Labour” government.

Last week, the preferred buzz word for politicians was “relaxed”. They were relaxed about the shields being down and relaxed about the incoming photon torpedoes. This week, the buzz word is “complex”; various cabinet ministers telling massive lies is, it seems, a complex issue. Blaming GPs for A and E being in melt-down is a complex matter as are the rules about being paid money to ask bogus questions from bogus financial interests. Donating a million and a half to the Labour Party to avoid paying tax is so complex that not even the opposition front bench can explain it. The common electorate are clearly too stupid to understand these complex processes of government and so will never be able to grasp the really complicated stuff like fraud, corruption and misleading parliament. Indeed, so complex are “Labour” policies, that the boy Miliband isn`t telling us what they are other than to copy Osborne madness and continue with failing austerity. But never mind, soon another heir to the throne will arrive and we can all enjoy some more distraction courtesy of the Prozac and Ritalin dished up by a compliant media.

I will build the spaceship in the garden and have it ready for when it all kicks off. Due to budget restraints, efficiency savings and difficult decisions, there will be no transporter room. In the spirit of free enterprise and self interest, you will have to beam up somewhere else.

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  1. As the Who stated many years ago ‘meet the new boss- same as the old boss’.

    In the absence of a place on Starship Hippo, without any musical ability and despite lifelong atheism, I am taking up prayers and guitar playing in the futile hope that we don’t get fooled again.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!! Krrang Krrang.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — June 11, 2013 @ 10:40 am | Reply

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