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July 4, 2013

Sick joke

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Lying toe rag image via

Lying toe rag image via

I would never dream of advocating physical violence, but if ever a carbon based life form crawling on the surface of planet earth deserved a colossal smack in the face then it must surely be the bag of putrid flesh and bone that calls itself Jeremy Hunt. Being an arrogant, corrupt, avaricious, moronic liar, Hunt has the perfect qualifications to be a Tory minister.

In his former job at culture, media and sport, this repulsive puke stain lied to parliament and lied to the Leveson inquiry to protect his antipodean sleaze ball paymaster. It is wonderfully apt that Rupert`s misdemeanours are now being exposed by secret recordings and we can only hope that when the old bastard does us all a favour by popping his clogs, his “foreign” status will mean that he will not trouble the NHS with his malingering. Replacing Andrew Lansley, another pile of horse excrement that would benefit from a major punch up the throat, Jeremy set about harming people who are already sick and injured. He has blamed GPs, he has blamed consultants, he has blamed nurses, he has blamed health unions, he has blamed people for living longer and he has blamed people for daring to be ill to deflect from his complete incompetence and his desire to destroy the NHS in order for him and his greedy friends to profit from basic human rights. This bum wipe is so devious that the responsibility of the Secretary of State for Health to have a duty of care was removed in his coalition government`s health “reforms”. Somewhere in the constituency of South West Surrey, there is a lamp post and a length of sturdy rope missing an idiot.

As the minister responsible for the health of the nation, Hunt does not enjoy the confidence of health professionals or patients. All the Royal Colleges, all the health unions and all patient groups have declared him to be a complete waste of space and, on the rare occasions he breaks cover, he has proved that he is a complete waste of oxygen. Cutting funding to the NHS and sacking nurses; like a vulture he picks over the scandals of Mid Staffordshire, Morecambe Bay and now Tameside as proof that the NHS is failing. No, Mr Hunt; you are failing. It doesn`t need Sir Jack Nicholson coming through the door with an axe in The Shining to realise who was responsible for Mid Staffs.

With the 111 contact number proving to be an unmitigated failure and casualties forced to wait for up to eight hours in ambulances parked outside full A and E departments, this pathetic creature talks of “teething troubles” and continues to close A and E departments. He told the BBC that 111 was popular with the public because 111 was easier to remember than 999. If ever a man deserved to be introduced to the business end of a sawn off Purdey, then that man has to be Jeremy Hunt.

His latest chronic pulmonary wheeze is to charge “foreigners” for NHS care. For a thicko, this is quite clever. For a start it introduces a process that will require payment for treatment and secondly it stokes up bigotry and division designed to attract votes from racists and other stupid specimens that regard human health and well being as a commodity. The Tory press office, otherwise known as the BBC, dispatched its finest investigative journalists to Luton for some vox pops. All three men and women in the street were in favour of charging “foreigners” for health care and resented “them” coming over here and taking our medicine. In a masterstroke, the BBC managed to find a middle aged black woman who said that there are too many people coming here, we need to look after our own. The previous evening, the BBC health correspondent reported that 95 per cent of 111 calls were now being answered within 60 seconds. She conveniently omitted to mention that the calls were being answered by a machine or by humans with no medical qualification. The bulletin also reported on discriminatory stop and search incidents that targeted ethnic minorities by showing footage of a black man being arrested for possession of an illegal drug. The Chairman of the BBC, Chris Patten, is a former Tory minister who now earns pots of money as a consultant to a private health care company.

Jeremy Hunt, of course, can afford private health care given the vast salary we pay him and his charming Chinese wife will not need to pay the £200 annual levy if she is unfortunate enough to fall ill. We can only hope that David Cameron, on his next business trip selling guns and bombs to despotic dictators in far off lands where it is unwise to drink the water, has his credit card and BUPA details readily available. God help him if he gets hit by a truck in Kazakhstan.

On reflection, it is probably unfair to single out Jeremy Hunt as a target of completely non-violent criticism. If you start with Hunt, then you have to deal with Gove, then IDS, the Grayling, then Osborne, then Cameron and then the rest of the parasitic vermin. Okay, forgetting the issue of contagious disease, I`m convinced. “Foreigners” should not be treated by the NHS if they do not have the ability to pay as long as NHS professionals of “foreign” extraction have the right to refuse treatment to Tory party members and their Liberal Democrat whores.

It is pointless to wonder how emergency services and A and E departments will react if some nutter decides to target a gathering of these evil bastards. Health professionals are there to save lives and cure sickness regardless of nationality, wealth, privilege or stupidity.

If Jeremy Hunt is incapable of realising that fact, he deserves a colossal smack in the face.


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  1. A tour de force of laser-accurate invective, metaphor and simile. Pieces like this make it worth having a computer.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — July 4, 2013 @ 11:03 am | Reply

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