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July 14, 2013

Another dead tree

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E and S

A question for the Editor of the Express and Star; where exactly in the European Court of Human Rights ruling on whole life sentences does it say that “killers get right to freedom”?

On Wednesday, the local rag for local people ran a front page splash that scraped out the bottom of a long empty barrel. “Outrage as killers get right to freedom” screamed the headline. Having obviously not read the actual judgement on a submission made by convicted murderers Jeremy Bamber, Douglas Vintner and Peter Moore, the unnamed “journalists” at the Effluent and Sewage suggested that the vile and heinous scum were about to be released from prison and “walk the streets” to continue their evil lifestyle of murderous mayhem. If the hacks had bothered to take just a tiny little peak at the document, they might have discovered that the opposite is the case. It is true that the judges at the ECHR said that a whole life tariff for utterly barbaric murder was “inhuman and degrading treatment” but did not in any way, shape or form decree that monsters should be released from incarceration. Instead, the experts in law suggested that life sentences should be subject to review after, as an example, 25 years when a court would decide if a very bad person should be set free, remanded or, more importantly, remain banged up.

Displaying complete ignorance of the law or, indeed, the ability to understand or read a legal document, the E and S went straight to Conservative MP for Cannock, Aidan Burley. You may remember this chap. He is the immigrant to this country that complained of “multicultural crap” during the Olympics and gets his kicks from hiring Nazi uniforms for men he likes to look at. Having taken substantial donations from JCB, he has also enjoyed the “hospitality” offered by the governments of Sri Lanka and the Maldives to sort out their human rights issues. It`s good to know that our hard working MPs can halt oppression by lying on a beach selling JCBs to corrupt governments. I hope he took his sun block. It would be awful if he came back looking brown.

Next up for the Ego and Stolichnaya was Conservative MP for Staffordshire South Gavin Williamson who thinks it is a good idea for Britain to abandon the European Convention of Human Rights. It is entirely ridiculous to infer that Gavin`s only success in public office is achieving the expansion of the autism spectrum to beyond infinity. He is not stupid; he is just a little giddy.

The Euro and the Sceptic then listed the evil killers that “may” be released from prison as a result of the ECHR ruling that stated that evil killers would not be released. Tony Blair, Iain Duncan Smith and Vince Cable (remember Ken Saro Wiwa?) were obviously absent from the list of villainy as they have yet to be given a custodial sentence for their crimes against society. Also absent were Jack the Ripper, Dr Crippen, Genghis Khan, Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin as they are actually dead even if they continue to be electronically tagged by G4S and Serco. Amongst others that the E and S do not consider to be a threat after their immediate release are David Cameron, George Osborne and Michael Gove because they are not yet banged up or actually dead even though they display none of the vital signs associated with basic humanity.

To suggest that the Express and Star is guilty of poor journalism would be an incorrect assumption to make because the utter codswallop regularly served up does not fit any known definition of journalism. It is tempting to suggest that this complete nonsense can be simply dismissed as another example of shrill ignorance to justify having a pop at interfering Europeans hell bent on stealing our sovereignty and is as equally ridiculous as the profile of the rather odd Nigel Farage entitled “This Charming Man”. After all, a former editor wrote speeches for Enoch Powell.

There is, though, something much more disturbing about the way the Express and Star manufactured “outrage” to score a cheap political point to further their little Englander agenda. Door stepping the families of children brutally murdered decades ago to ask for their reaction to a completely false claim that the killers are about to be released is as cruel as it is disgraceful. Opening deep wounds of grief to shift a few copies of a scurrilous rag is not confined to the vile Murdoch and it seems that Leveson never happened.

So here is another question for the Editor of the Express and Star; when you go to sleep at night, which particular gutter do you lie in?

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  1. Isn’t a Walsall resident on the list of never be let out?

    Comment by walsall exile — July 15, 2013 @ 7:15 am | Reply

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