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July 31, 2013

Enough is enough

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Tory front bench

Tory front bench

There are some days that are worth celebrating and some days that need to be remembered as being very, very dark; July 30th is just such a day.

We should rejoice at the anniversary of the first publication of the Beano 75 years ago which continues to this day to offer a “child focussed” critique of education through the “learning platform” provided by the Bash Street Kids. In 1818 Emily Bronte was born and with delicious coincidence the author of Wuthering Heights shares a birthday with national treasure Kate Bush who was born exactly 140 years later. They both share a notable day with Harriet Harman.

The dark side of July 30th 2013 marks a far more sinister watershed. The High Court has ruled that although blatant discrimination against people with disabilities is not very nice, it is perfectly legal and so can continue. Any sensible observer might conclude that the coalition government might be operating under an agenda that is not what it seems. When a spineless weasel like Nick Clegg crawls out from under a Cameron turd to claim that the waiting list for affordable social housing is growing because disabled people are hoarding spare bedrooms, it is obvious that history is about to repeat itself. Clegg is in charge because Cameron is away on holiday in some rented foreign mansion that has lots of bedrooms. We must forgive Cameron because his disabled son died and he will continue to remind of this even as he punishes other children with disabilities. Godwin`s Law is now obsolete, who did the National Socialists go for first?

The same day saw uniformed officers of the United Kingdom Border Agency stopping anyone who wasn`t white at Kensal Green station to check if they were “legal”. The Met were once again stopping early morning buses to check the “papers” of non-white people going to work and even if the Oyster card of ethnic profiled citizens was valid, they were removed from the bus and placed in a police van. Who did the National Socialist go for next?

The BBC found itself guilty of breaching rules regarding impartiality and accuracy when the Tory party press office broadcast a piece of utter rubbish regarding benefit claimants. It seems that the BBC misled the public and apologised so that`s alright then. John Humphrys and the others that produced this propaganda have not resigned or have been dismissed. Does anyone remember Joseph Goebbels?

My Lord Howell, former energy minister and father in law to George Osborne, said that fracking should not take place in the “nice” areas of the Home Counties but should take place in the uninhabited and desolate wastes of somewhere up north. I don`t think I need to comment any further on the mental state of the noble Lord.

I might be incredibly stupid, but hasn`t this sort of thing happened before? I freely admit that that I might be wrong but I have some vague memory from history books that some rather dim people caused an extraordinary amount of trouble based on hatred of other human beings. The weird thing is, and this is only an opinion, hatred breeds hatred.

I love my country and I am honestly terrified at what is happening to it. When knuckle dragging racist morons escape arrest and rich snake oil salesmen run off with profit and people we didn`t elect line their pockets and lie through their teeth, it is time to say enough is enough. A useless political opposition has allowed all this to take place and has, therefore, rendered political opposition meaningless. The time of simply mocking the gang of crooks in power has past and anger is a waste of energy. It is too late for opposition; it is time for resistance.

My country has been stolen and I intend to take it back.

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