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September 6, 2013


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Not going south of the river

Not going south of the river

Rather than order a taxi for Mr Duncan Smith and order another taxi for Mr Grayling, that nice Mr Cameron could ask the two gentlemen to share a cab in order for the government to save money and so further reduce the dreadful deficit. However, the days of cabinet ministers resigning or being sacked for being inept, stupid, corrupt or all three are in the filing cabinet drawer marked nostalgia, responsibility and honour.

As a Justice Secretary without any legal qualification, Chris Grayling decided that legal aid for poor people was a luxury that the nation could not afford. Judges told him he was wrong, QC`s told him he was wrong, Barristers told him he was wrong and a London taxi driver who once had that Clive Anderson in the back of the cab told him he was wrong. Assuming that poor people are obviously guilty, Chris pressed on regardless. Now a laughing stock within the justice system, he has been forced into a humiliating climb down. Taxi for Mr Grayling? No, he is still allowed to be inept.

Iain Duncan Smith as head honcho at the Department of Work and Pensions has staked his reputation and credibility on the “flagship” policy of Universal Credit. Sadly, the government`s own audit office has described the programme as, to paraphrase, a pile of crap. Having falsified the qualifications on his CV and without any experience of actual work, Iain claims that he “believes” he is right and actual statistical evidence is irrelevant. He also claims that he can live on £53 a week, claims expenses for his underpants and claimed 40 odd quid for a breakfast. To right-off £34million could be seen as unfortunate; to see a potential £300million going down the pan due to incompetent management and woeful leadership by shouting and stamping could be regarded criminal negligence. Iain presses on regardless and blames civil servants for his own shortcomings. As one wag pointed out, and I wish I could remember who in order to give deserved credit, it is a case of a bad tool blaming his workmen. Taxi for Mr Duncan Smith? No, he is allowed to remain a liability and a menace.

Perhaps Cameron is waiting for a full load before ordering the taxi. After going £2billion over budget on his Academy and Free School fetish and with a predicted crisis in state school places, perhaps Michael Gove will end up on the fold down seat with his back to the driver listening to an endless monologue from the one with the knowledge about immigration, bloody cyclists, bloody cycle lanes, bloody scroungers and how cancelling Building Schools for the Future was a bloody stupid idea. Theresa May could make a fourth, or possibly fifth or third depending on her diary and ask the driver to avoid stopping at traffic lights where “Go Home Immigrants” vans are lurking. Jeremy Hunt will be whisked away from the roof by the News International Super Puma helicopter and Eric Pickles will need to negotiate with Eddie Stobart and arrange for some police motorcycle outriders. George Osborne will be collected by his mother.

Cameron, completely out of control, is sulking in St Petersburg because nobody will talk to him. After Obama told him to recall parliament for a quick vote to justify war, Dave failed and the POTUS turned to a genuine French Poodle. Blair knew how to roll over and play dead but all Cameron can do is gnaw his own paw. The rest of the G8 or G20 or whatever, are giving him the cold shoulder because it is possible that his regime has been supplying the nasty stuff to the madmen on both sides. Taxi for Mr Cameron?

The political elite are fortunate to be able to exploit a mature and sophisticated democracy. In less tolerant territories, a length of piano wire connecting the ankles to the back of a Hackney Carriage is the preferred way of removing unwanted leaders. Mercifully, that could never happen in a civilised nation such as the United Kingdom.



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  1. Taxi?

    To Falkirk, where allegations of skulduggery by union members have been mysteriously withdrawn.
    They must have imagined all those people being signed up and voting without their knowledge.


    Comment by Rob — September 7, 2013 @ 12:51 pm | Reply

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