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September 18, 2013

Urgent security alert

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In a disturbing development that is certain to shake the very fabric of human civilisation, a caravan containing suspected aliens has turned up at the peaceful Meadow House site on peaceful Stroud Avenue in the peaceful Short Heath area of peaceful Walsall.

With the obviously clear intent of abducting the brightest and the best of the human race for unspeakable and vile experimentation, the aliens soon met their match when vigilant locals reported the invasion to your Illiberal Undemocratic Out of Focus Team. Racing to the scene of the outrage in the party Batmobile, the party leader took decisive action and thwarted the alien invasion by getting in touch with the council and asking them nicely to take appropriate action once the facts have been established.

Walsall`s Area 51 has been a problem for a number of years ever since the credibility and very existence of Illiberal Undemocrats was threatened by ill people requiring treatment. Taking a brave stance by telling aliens with mental health issues to go away, the heroic ghost busters remain constantly on their guard protecting us from caravans containing extra terrestrials. Further invasions will be deterred by charging aliens five pence for a plastic bag, free school meals for their offspring and desperately offering to be a part of a coalition with whoever does not win the next election. If all else fails, the replacement Trident nuclear deterrent will be deployed and targeted at any caravan that dares to park in Short Heath.

The police have been informed and residents will be consulted.

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