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November 3, 2013

Day of the dead

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Dia de muerto

Dia de muerto

As Hallowmas concludes for another year and with extorting candy with menaces completely replacing traditional apple bobbing, it is perhaps time to welcome another celebration imported from the Americas.

Anyone with even a passing understanding of the Aztec deity Mictecacihuatl and the synthesis of pre-Colombian ritual and Catholic worship will know that the day of the dead is not just about marigolds and sugar skulls. All soul`s day involves food and music and dancing and laughter to encourage the souls of the dearly departed to join us for a single day back on earth. Rather than trick or treat or tooth decay, obesity and encouraging children to demand sweets from strangers, perhaps we should sing and dance to encourage the return of entities that we once held dear.

We could start with compassion. Setting out some tasty enchilada and tamale at a UK food bank might bring back some lost souls. Quite why one of the wealthiest nations on the planet requires food banks is as much a mystery as to why those food banks cannot cope with demand. We should hoist a piñata and laugh at the poor people scrambling in the dirt for treats. Sadly, no amount of singing and dancing will summon up the spirits of the NHS and state education unless Popocatepetl decides to erupt and sweep away the living dead currently masquerading as a government.

Any pretence at political honesty shuffled off the mortal coil years ago and is unlikely to return even if offered a lucrative lecture tour, book deal or a directorship of companies smiled upon by a minister intent on securing a comfortable afterlife; these ghouls are beyond recall. Consider Iain Duncan Smith and the wraiths at the DWP and ATOS. Considered a failure in the arms industry, a failure as a party leader and such a failure in tertiary education that he was forced to tell lies on his CV, the secretary of state has staked his risible reputation as a failure on his “flagship” Universal Credit reform of Social Security. Having been legally judged to have acted unlawfully, this intellectual cadaver retrospectively changed the law and, more recently, has suppressed a report that suggests that up to £200million of public money will have to be written off due to the IT failure to deliver his Universal Credit autoerotic fantasy. Having lost in court, at public expense, his publicly funded minions claim a victory and his department is sending eviction notices to families who cannot pay his ridiculous bedroom tax. If this were not enough, the letters state that non-payment of rent is a deliberate choice made by people without a choice and that their children will be placed on an “at risk” register. Furthermore, a judge told him in the summer that children with disabilities should be exempted from his bedroom tax by no later than October 31st. Such is the character of this blood-sucker that he finally exempted children with disabilities from his bedroom tax at one minute to midnight on Halloween. As a self-proclaimed Christian, Mr Duncan Smith will, one day, face a difficult but short interview with Saint Peter followed by a much longer interview with Beelzebub.

Substitute the name of the current Secretary of State at the DWP for the name of the current Secretary of State at the Department for Health and the outcome is remarkably similar. Jeremy Hunt has been found to have acted unlawfully, suppressed the NHS risk register and removed funding from the NHS budget to pay for tax relief for a few very, very rich people. With the disturbing Gove thing destroying education, Peruvian cat lady May off her head on cocoa, animated skull Grayling playing “Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones” on his own ribcage and Jabba the Pickles breaking wind as policy, one can only assume that cabinet meetings are accompanied by a dreadful Mariachi band playing “Dia de Muertos” and end with “see you in Hell” before ministers scurry off to brief underlings scheduled to appear in television studios.

With compassion, honesty and integrity long gone, perhaps the old-fashioned entity we really need to encourage is a return to humanity. Cameron and Osborne are defending the corporations, cartels, multi-national conglomerates and vested industrial strength interests against the very people that must suffer in order for the parasites to profit from the end of society and, possibly, the end of the world. There are no share dividends to be had in saving the planet but what the avaricious zombie apocalypse fails to realise is that come the day of the dead, very few people will be making offerings in the hope of their return.

The Aztec Goddess Mictecacihuatl watches over the bones of the dead and is the guardian of Dia de Muertos. Hasta luego, Snr Cameron.


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