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December 20, 2013

Accomplished mission creep

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PM detained in military coup

PM detained in military coup

To use a phrase that trips so readily and so lightly from the lips of an obfuscating politician; “let`s be perfectly clear about this”. David Cameron unequivocally, unquestionably and uncategorically did not say or mean to suggest or in any way infer either directly or indirectly in any tactical, strategic, operational scenario that the UK`s armed involvement in Afghanistan is a “mission accomplished”.

Similarly, the Prime Minister cannot possibly be considered as being in contempt of court by voicing his high regard for a witness in an ongoing criminal trial or by agreeing that he is on her “team”. Contempt is a very serious matter and only the most irresponsible of commentators would offer a widely reported character endorsement during legal proceedings. Although it might be tempting to offer prejudicial opinions on the conduct of defendants and witnesses as it is okay for Cameron to do it, we must remember that the Prime Minister was simply responding to a question. The Prime Minister is obviously above contempt and, as we know, he will say “yes” to anything that might attract popularity whilst actually doing the exact opposite.

The tawdry soap opera now concluded at Isleworth Crown Court involving a cast of rich and fairly unpleasant people is all about money and sensational headlines. With the Grillo sisters acquitted of fraud, we can now say with impunity that Nigella is a coke-head and Saatchi is a complete rectum and we can all have a good laugh at their dirty laundry. Some might conclude that Cameron`s unwarranted and possibly illegal intervention caused the case to collapse. In terms of rich people using white powder, George Osborne must shudder when the Prime Minister publicly offers the Chancellor his full support.

Our involvement in Afghanistan is much more serious but both the ruination of a domestic goddess and a humiliating military retreat offer opportunities for our Prime Minister to behave like a complete fool and embarrass the nation by walking into journalistic elephant traps way beyond the old chestnut of the price of milk or bread. On the day Cameron agreed that Afghanistan was a “mission accomplished”, six NATO soldiers died in a downed Black Hawk helicopter and his idiotic remarks will only draw fire towards the poor sods in uniform who have to stay in that lawless place for at least another year. It seems that the poppy harvest is the best for years, the tribal war lords that have defeated a succession of invading armies for centuries are still in control, children are still denied an education, women are still suppressed and, like in Westminster, corruption is still the main political imperative. Cameron`s government texts serving soldiers on the front line to inform them that they are being made redundant 48 hours before they are due to receive a full pension. Nice one Dave.

Any criticism of Cameron is dismissed as a criticism of, to use his words, “our brave armed forces who deserve our undying gratitude”. An increasing number of those who have fortunately returned without leaving limbs and part of their sanity behind in Kandahar are now homeless and sleeping rough and those with physical disabilities and mental health issues have had their benefit entitlements sanctioned by former chocolate soldier Ian Duncan Smith. There are unconfirmed reports that a squad of soldiers guarding Camp Bastion as Cameron boarded his Chinook, clambered on top of their armoured vehicle, dropped their fatigues and showed their bottoms to the departing aircraft. I really hope that story is true.

Safely back in the UK after a successful photo opportunity only slightly marred by being compared to the idiotic George Dubya, Cameron continued to accomplish his real mission. Without a mandate from the electorate, he realises that he has a one term chance of achieving what his mercenary backers want. He has already made his intentions clear by signalling that he wants to shrink if not destroy the state, eradicate “dependency”, abandon any semblance of basic human decency and deliver a compliant, frightened population to his corporate masters. In three and a half years he has gone from an enemy of the state to an enemy of people and he still has 18 months to achieve his ambitions before being called to judgement.

Contempt and perjury are, under law, criminal offences but no high court judge would ever convict a Prime Minister who, by very definition, is above the law. Treason, however, is another matter. The best that this sad excuse can hope for is not being re-elected.

The jury is out to considering their verdict and what is left of the army might need to step in to restore some form of order to the failed state that Britain has become under the leadership of this mendacious shyster. Rather than being a national embarrassment, this liar is a liability.

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