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February 26, 2014

Pie in the sky

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Daily Mail January 1934

Daily Mail January 1934

As far as I am aware, there is no statute under English law that allows a conviction on the grounds of guilt by association which, all things considered, will come as something of a relief to newspaper editors, MPs past and present and a variety of celebrities.

The Daily Mail has a long association with fascism, false allegations, bigotry, hypocrisy, shockingly inaccurate reporting, downright lies and a rather unhealthy obsession with pictures of pre-pubescent girls in bikinis. The self proclaimed arbiter of taste and decency in Middle England and their extensive legal team know the boundaries of the law and know that guilt by association is not a legal thing. Ludicrous smear campaigns against people the Daily Mail don`t like very much is, however, well within the law. Little wonder that the tawdry rag in the repulsive form of editor Paul Dacre and, by implication, the current Viscount Rothermere who owns the voice of Britain without paying any tax in the UK are implacably opposed to any regulation of the gutter press as recommended or not, as the case may be, by the Leveson report.

Like any dysfunctional bully, the Daily Mail cannot resist aiming unjustified slurs and bellicose hatred at anyone or anything it is frightened of. Stephen Fry is intelligent, witty and happens to be gay and so has endured the mindless opprobrium of Dacre and his shrill hacks. Ralph Miliband was foreign, Jewish, a Marxist, the father of the Leader of the Opposition and conveniently dead. In the bizarre world the Mail occupies, climate change is a myth; renewable energy causes cancer, poor people worship Satan, flooding originates in Bulgaria and Michael Gove is the saviour of children. When a number of irrational prejudices collide, “journalists” at the Daily Mail reach for their crayons. Inventing a story that proves that every female doctor and every nurse regardless of gender wears a burka when treating British patients has legs because it demeans women, Islam and the NHS all in a quick 1200 words banged off in the pub following an editorial meeting. The fake statistics can be inserted later along with a stock image of a hen night in Kabul.

The Mail`s latest foray into character assassination involves Harriet Harman, her husband Jack Dromey, former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, the National Council for Civil Liberties (now called Liberty) and a bunch of perverts called PIE. The Daily Mail is not keen on civil liberties or former cabinet ministers now in opposition or women. PIE, though, likes the Daily Mail because of the pictures it publishes. The acronym PIE contains “that word which must not be typed” for fear of Daily Mail readers taking to the streets and petrol bombing paediatricians. For the benefit of Dacre`s gullible readers, guilt by association is known in the philosophical and legal trades as an “ad hominem fallacy of irrelevance” and that does not mean that philosophers and lawyers are intrinsically gay. Ironically, the National Council for Civil Liberties was founded in 1934 which was the same year that the owner of the Daily Mail was singing the praises of fascism.

The Mail is playing a dangerous game in smearing its targets with unfounded allegations and if it is serious about exposing historical child abusers, their apologists and other assorted perverts, it might wish to investigate the goings at the former Elm Guest House in South London where, it seems, some former cabinet ministers still alive were keen to visit on Monday afternoons for “parties” involving young boys. The voice of Middle England might also consider tasking some of its guys and gals to look into the relationship between a conveniently dead former Prime Minister and a conveniently dead former disc jockey. Similarly, some consideration might be given to the visits of another conveniently dead nautical Prime Minister to the Haut de la Garenne care home on Jersey at the invitation of the same conveniently dead disc jockey.

The Daily Mail will, of course, weather the storm of criticism and continue to emit its bile as quick as you can say Operation Fernbridge. Dacre and Rothermere are not for turning and after the storm, every morning cloud has a silver lining and the occasional lost boy.

Update March 4 2014 9:30pm

Well goodness me; what on earth do you make of that. It seems that the Daily Mail`s concerted week-long smear campaign against civil liberties was not simply an opportunistic character assassination attempt on the reputation of Harriet Harman. Instead, Dacre and his side-kicks decided on a crude smoke screen blown out in the hope of diverting attention away from some very bad news for David Cameron.

Now that an arrest has been made, or rather news of an arrest has been made known, it is important to reiterate that rushing to judgement in a live police investigation before any charges have been brought is not a very good idea. Innocence is assumed and guilt must be proven unless, of course, you are the editor of the Daily Mail. The time line of events, however, might be significant. The resignation of a government policy advisor followed by his arrest and then a long invented smear campaign aimed at political opponents and then news of the arrest some three weeks later on the day that the Mail was predicting the start of World War Three. Given the nature of the “research” being undertaken, there is every chance we will hear the “Pete Townshend defence” if the case is considered serious enough to be taken to court.

Perhaps we misjudge the Daily Mail and it might not be a putrid rag spewing hatred and bigotry after all. Perhaps it has been infiltrated by rabid undercover Marxists inciting revolution because every superficial attempt to support Cameron and his chums backfires and ends up causing untold damage to the Eton mafia. Whatever next? Comrade Dacre accusing Cameron of guilt by association perhaps.


  1. Link to the Daily Mail removed by the Plastic Hippo

    Comment by Rob — February 26, 2014 @ 6:09 pm | Reply

  2. No matter which political party you support, and no matter tribal you are about it – these are not ‘unfounded allegations’…..and this is not a ‘smear’.

    These politicians were at best associates of – and at worst supporters of…….a group of paedophiles.

    Nothing has been made up………otherwise these people would sue wouldn’t they?

    No matter how much you try to deflect the issue by denigrating the medium – the Mail – and the bloke who owned it decades ago……..and no matter how you try to tar others with a similar brush………Harman, Dromey and Hewitt made bad, very bad errors of judgement in the late-70s / early-80s.

    Hewitt has seen the error of her ways and apologized – why can’t you accept that this must mean that they have a case to answer?

    Comment by Jingleballix — March 3, 2014 @ 12:22 pm | Reply

  3. I doubt that my comment will last……….you seem to be one of those people who is unable to tolerate views that do not coincide with your own……at least 3 of my posts have been disappeared.

    Your web-site I suppose…………but see speech is such a precious commodity, it might be an idea if you did your bit to help nurture it.

    Comment by Jingleballix — March 3, 2014 @ 12:40 pm | Reply

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