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August 11, 2014

A nasty smear

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Via Daily Mail (No, honest, it is)

Via Daily Mail (No, honest, it is)

If anyone is qualified to know stuff, then God knows there is precious little for humanity to be either cheerful or proud about at the moment but, as we descend into barbarism, we can always rely on the Farage Army to keep our spirits up.

It`s certainly amusing that Kippers consistently fail to grasp even the basics of economics and the subtleties of geo-politics being completely lost and remaining a firmly closed book to them is guaranteed to raise a smile. The belief that human rights only apply to portly, middle-aged, white men and, to a lesser degree, to their wives, children and in some extreme circumstances, their servants is of great comfort for those keen to find people more stupid than themselves. Recently elected Kipper councillors who once spouted nonsense from the safety of ordinary citizenship now kick like drowning men desperate to find the bottom of the accountability pool in local government. Kipper MEPs continue to fight the tyranny and corruption of the EU by only turning up to collect their pay cheques. It`s all very, very funny.

The Farage Army never fails to be entertaining but over the last few days they have excelled themselves it what seems to be an attempt at winning every Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe. West Midlands MEP and Dudley councillor Bill Etheridge of golliwog fame was addressing the Farage Youth at a seminar probably entitled “Stupidity for Dummies”. Apparently, the expert at public speaking was instructing the youth in sophistry, oratory and effective communication and used Hitler, Ronald Reagan and Tony Blair as examples of how to do it right. This is funny on so many levels, not least that it turns out that there is more than one Farage Youth.

One of the drawbacks of public office is that it is often accompanied by public scrutiny unless, of course, the public servant serves in Walsall or Tower Hamlets or Brussels or Westminster and certain sections of the media were all over the Hitler bit like hogs on a gravy train. Kippers, however, have been to the seminar probably entitled “What to say after you have been caught saying something stupid or offensive or just a tiny bit racist, sexist, homophobic or completely untrue” and rushed to the defence of their MEP “guru”.

The default position is that the “establishment” is so frightened of Nigel`s fruitcakes that they will invent “smears” to try to halt the inevitable rise to power of the Farage Army and, rather like the U-boat captain in Dad`s Army, are compiling a list of names of those who will face the consequences after the war, sorry, election. At this point, what was merely amusing became utterly hilarious.

It seems that the chief propagator of establishment smears was Viscount Rothermere`s Daily Mail. Irony, at this point, was discovered to be sharing a sordid ménage a trois with Henry Kissinger and Pol Pot. Given that the Kippers base their nonsense on outrageous, false and hate-mongering Daily Mail headlines, the bile coming out of every Farage orifice was a joy to behold. “Disgraceful”, they bellowed. “Disgusting”, they shrieked. “Ban this sick filth and ban this vile rag”. “Hitler wasn`t all that bad”. I laughed until it hurt.

I have yet to experience the art and mastery of public speaking as embodied by Bill Etheridge but I did see a film clip of him smearing the Daily Mail for smearing him. As he admitted that “Hitler gets a mention”, I had a strange, vague reminiscence that I had somehow heard him speak before. At first, I couldn`t quite place the time or circumstance of me benefiting from his oratory skills but, for some strange reason, a bobble-hat came to mind. Then I realised with some delight that Benny had managed to carve a new and lucrative career in politics after the Crossroads Motel burned down. Hopefully Bill will disappear off to Brussels in search of a spanner never to be seen again.

Kippers are a bit like the nasty, weedy kid who allies himself to the school playground bully in the hope of patronage and protection. It works for a while but then the bully turns on the nasty, weedy kid for no other reason than the kid is nasty and weedy and no amount of hissy fits and tantrums from Kippers will avoid a colossal beating, abject humiliation, black eyes and an appropriation of dinner money. God knows I won`t go to heaven but God must also admit to the guilty pleasure of seeing Kippers and the Daily Mail at each others` throats. When God chuckles; a bigot dies.

Hitler, for all his faults according to Kippers, was a great public speaker and his style should be emulated by those wishing to sway stupid people into further stupidity. Also on his CV are trains running on time, motorways, ballistics, the VW, mass slaughter and carefully organised and ruthless genocide. One thing, however, cannot be credited to Hitler.

Kippers have just reinvented schadenfreude.

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  1. I was baffled a few months ago at the lack of press comment when some Kipper gratuitously insulted Lenny Henry, telling him to get back to the Black Country, whoops, “a black country”. They wheeled out the golliwog-brandishing Etheridge, of all people, to condemn the Kipper who had insulted Dudley’s best known black citizen. I’m sure Mr Henry was suitably impressed.

    Comment by Alan H — August 11, 2014 @ 12:51 pm | Reply

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