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October 9, 2014

Zombie invasion

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Via Anchorbat

Via Anchorbay

There is nothing even remotely funny about contagious diseases and Ebola in West Africa is just about as serious as things can get. It is so serious that western governments are now urgently deploying military personnel to fight the deadly virus. Cuba, it seems, are sending doctors.

Ebola is not funny; it was not funny last week or last month or back in December or even further back in 1976 when the virus began spreading in Sudan and Zaire. Similarly, it did not raise many laughs in 2007 when it killed more than 400 in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Only medical statisticians can tell us when an outbreak becomes an epidemic and when an epidemic becomes a pandemic but, according to some western governments and the feral media that supports them, we are now facing the end of the world. Nearly 40 years after the virus was identified, there is still not a viable antidote and those that have been “cured” just happen to be citizens of countries with the ability to evacuate, isolate and treat patients with “experimental” medication not available to people who are actually resident in West Africa. It seems a shame that pharmaceutical companies did not consider sub-Saharan Africa as a profitable market.

The sad death of Thomas Eric Duncan is significant because this citizen of Sierra Leone died in a hospital in Dallas, Texas and now a Deputy Sherriff that was in contact with him is presenting symptoms of Ebola. The reaction has been depressingly predictable. The 10 people that Mr Duncan had contact with in the US are now being “monitored” or, in reality, quarantined under armed guard. The Department for Homeland Security has deployed agents at American airports to “take the temperatures” of people arriving from West Africa. It is fair to assume that the agents will be armed to the teeth. In Spain, an assistant nurse has presented Ebola symptoms after treating missionary priests who sadly died as a result of this horrible virus. Her pet dog has been destroyed as a precaution. With western governments insisting that the disease must be confined to West Africa, perhaps the deployment of ground troops is the result of watching too many Wes Craven and George Romero movies rather than Holby City, Casualty or Dr Kildare.

This health crisis has gone global and none of us are safe. A British government health spokesman shared his view on the radio that Ebola was spread due to poor hygiene. “It can happen anywhere”, he said; “look at the scandal in South Staffordshire”. The government health spokesman is unlikely to be joining the military personnel and medical practitioners in Freetown, Conakry and Monrovia.

The disease has already spread to St Simon`s Catholic Primary School in, of all places, Stockport. A very cute nine-year-old child has been banned from attending the school for the simple reason that he has dual British and Sierra Leone citizenship. It must be made clear that the Head and the governors have played a blinder on this madness and are completely above reproach. It seems that a small group of parents wanted this boy excluded based on his binary nationality and those entrusted to deliver education to children must listen to parents who are thicker than their own ovaries and testes. The remarkable Headteacher suggested that the small group of idiot parents might wish to take a step back from “misguided hysteria” and make a donation to charities working to eradicate Ebola and to improve education in West Africa. Don`t hold your breath.

Ebola is not funny. It is spread from person to person and is about 70 per cent deadly. To avoid contamination, avoid contact with human beings by standing at school gates in Stockport or by going anywhere near the Foreign Office in Whitehall or the Department for Homeland Security in Washington.

Update: 10th October 2014
Be afraid; be very afraid. The deadly hysteria virus has spread to Macedonia where a British national has apparently died after presenting “Ebola-like” symptoms. Suffering from stomach pain, vomiting, uncontrolled trembling and appearing to be “confused”, the poor unfortunate died shortly after being admitted to hospital in Skopje. As a result, the Foreign Office is considering issuing a warning to travellers contemplating a visit to the sub-Saharan tropical paradise next door to Albania.

It seems that the latest victim of the hysteria virus visited Nigeria some years ago and was probably a fan of Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela. Some elements of the British media also report that the victim was exposed to a map of West Africa as a child and more recently has been observed wilfully sneezing in public places. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has advised British nationals to wash their hands, avoid places where black people live and only consume one bottle of vodka before breakfast. There is no need for panic and the machine guns at airports are merely a precaution.

Meanwhile, thousands are dying due to inadequate treatment.


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