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October 16, 2014

Scrounger cull

Eastry Court image via The People

Eastry Court image via The People

With political correctness gone mad; three cheers for a politician brave enough to speak common sense and offer a practical solution to an insidious burden that affects us all. There are times when honesty dictates that simple truths need to be addressed and difficult words need to be spoken if we are to protect ourselves from abject ruin.

Existing within our communities, there are some sections of society that contribute absolutely nothing to the general good. Festering on state handouts, this underclass wallows in self pity and exploits a something-for-nothing lifestyle choice at the expense of decent, hardworking normal people. In a caring and compassionate society, it must be said that some of these unfortunates have been reduced to depravity through no fault of their own but by an accident of birth. Others, however, have made a conscious decision to defraud the state. In these austere times brought about by selfish nurses, teachers, social workers and malingerers, it is time to abandon so-called politic correctness and name names to shame these scroungers. Good people of the United Kingdom and beyond; we are being forced to pay the bill for the lavish lifestyles of Conservative peers freeloading in the House of Lords.

First amongst unequals is Lord David Freud of Eastry of Eastry Court, Eastry in Kent. To divulge the post code would be tantamount to encouraging acts of terrorism but look it up on Google Maps – it`s just near the village church. The architect of the Bedroom Tax shares the eight bedroom mansion with his lovely wife and also enjoys a modest four bedroom town house when his lifestyle requires him to be in London. Having blamed charities for encouraging the use of food banks and after encouraging poor people to take risks with what little money they have because they have the least to lose, Lord Freud now suggests that people with disabilities are “not worth” the minimum wage.

After the remarks of freeloading Freud were made public, others in the scrounger underclass rushed to defend him and his scandalous misinformation. They claimed that he was quoted out of context and the BBC suggested that his ideas might not be all that outrageous. Lord Freud receives £300 per day plus expenses from the state.

When questioned about Lord Freud`s comments, David Cameron told the House of Commons;
“These are not the views of the government. They are not the views of anyone in the government.”
Lord Freud has not been dismissed and has not resigned and remains a government minister. Clearly, inoculation and gassing have been found to be ineffectual.

Perhaps it is time to deploy marksmen in Kent.

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