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October 30, 2014

Swamp Thing

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Sometimes, usually in the wee small hours I feel a little bit sad when I consider what this country has become. This self-indulgent melancholy is almost certainly fuelled by a glass or two of something nice and listening to Elgar played loud on headphones so as not to disturb the neighbours. Having dismissed BBC News as utter tosh, perusing other more reputable online news providers only adds to the feeling of being swamped by dejection.

Upon discovering that Vince Cable is to send a polite letter to bankers asking them nicely if they might like to consider, if at all possible, to think about not pillaging the national finances for personal gain, the increase in gloom became inversely proportional to the amount of single malt in the bottle. The bankers who brought about the collapse of the global economy through naked, reckless greed and have escaped scot free must be quaking in their boots at the prospect of being swamped by a polite letter from Vince Cable. It seems Vince needs time to develop Post Offices into branch banking which is a bit of a shame as Vince knowingly undersold the Royal Mail with the express intent of financial gain for overseas hedge funds and a bloke who just happens to be George Osborne`s best man. I sometimes become a little bit miffed when I consider what this country has become.

When the National Grid warns of potential power cuts during the gathering winter and the coalition government assures us that energy supplies are sufficient to avoid power cuts, then it is obvious that there will be power cuts. The private energy companies predicted power cuts when threatened with a tariff cap but by squeezing every last penny of profit for share holders and avoiding any investment into infrastructure and continuity of supply, we are likely to be swamped by misery in a long, dark, cold winter. Sometimes I worry about what the future holds for this country.

In a busy parliamentary session, MPs voted against the idea of recalling corrupt, criminal and useless MPs. Sometimes it`s best to just leave it there. They also voted in favour of Lord Freud who suggested that people with disabilities are worth less than a minimum wage. Stevie Wonder, Beethoven and Stephen Hawking might wish to differ and BBC`s Frank Gardner might object to a pay cut to finance a pay rise for Nick Robinson. Sometimes I become a little bit angry when I consider what this country has become.

There is, however, at least one good news story. Sir Nicholas Winton has been honoured for his work in rescuing refugee children almost 70 years ago on the eve of the Second World War. The modest old chap, now aged 105, organised trains to take children away from oppression, fascism and almost certain death and place them safely in the UK. A few days after our Defence Secretary Michael Fallon – no I`ve never heard of him either – announced that towns in England were being “swamped” by EU migrants; a grateful nation bestowed its highest honour on Sir Nicholas Winton. That nation was the Czech Republic. Fallon quickly retracted his bog house nonsense when it became clear that the Defence Secretary was talking out of the terminal end of his alimentary canal.

On the very day that Sir Nicholas Winton was awarded the Order of the White Lion in Prague and without any sense of irony, timing or even shame, the British government announced its support of a plan to allow poor people to drown as it`s only for their own good. The rabid UK press including the BBC reported waves of illegal immigrants flooding towards Dover. Occasionally, one or two hacks still in possession of a tiny spark of humanity described the desperate and the frightened as “migrants”. However, the words “refugee” and “asylum seeker” were carefully edited out of the script and according to the Home Office, people fleeing butchery; rape and genocide seem to think that they have some God-given right to be rescued from death.

Sometimes – no – all of the time, I am bloody furious at what this country has become. It is not immigration that has changed this country; it is Fallon and Cameron and the rest of the hate mongers banging the kipper drum that has turned us into a nation of moronic bigots mired in a swamp of ignorance.

At 105, Sir Nicholas Winton is more likely to die of a broken heart than of old age.

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