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November 1, 2014

Cry Woolf

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Any suggestion that Home Secretary Theresa May is doing something other than a magnificent, skilful and professional job is complete nonsense and calls for her to resign or be sacked are merely petty, cheap political point scoring opportunism. Theresa May is doing an outstanding job at making sure that any serious investigation into allegations of the sexual abuse of children perpetrated by the powerful and the influential will never, ever, ever take place.

Even if we ignore some of the more outlandish rumours of depravity being circulated by delusional conspiracy theorists, the actions of a government vehemently stating the need for transparency, truth and justice indicates that some very dark secrets will remain forever secret and dark. When the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry was announced way back in July following news that some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories regarding Cyril Smith and others were actually true, a bizarre cavalcade of obscure Tory backbenchers that nobody has ever heard of appeared before the cameras bellowing “witch hunt” and “it was all a long time ago”. The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister said that “we” must not prejudice ongoing police investigations conveniently forgetting that extremely questionable historical police investigations are at the heart of this increasing scandal. One idiot backbencher even suggested that “we” should spare the alleged victims the trauma of re-living their abuse in front of an inquiry.

Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was appointed to chair the CSA Inquiry not for her legal expertise but because her dead brother was the Lord Chancellor accused of ignoring some very serious allegations of criminality. This was a very clever move as it bought some time to allow the screams of panic within “the Establishment” to be replaced by the sound of further documents being shredded or “not retained” as the Home Office would put it. When Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk publicly asked former Home Secretary Leon Brittan what he knew about the now infamous Geoffrey Dickens dossier, the BBC were all over the story like a rash but not in a way that can be described as balanced. It started during the Today programme on Radio 4 with a series of extraordinary questions to Danczuk from Evan Davies. “Wasn`t Cyril Smith a minor figure in a minor political party? Wasn`t Dickens a minor, back bench publicity seeker with a reputation for shameless, sensational self-promotion? Wasn`t all this a long time ago and therefore no longer relevant?” The aggressive questioning and constant interruptions did not allow Danczuk to point out that he represents constituents in Rochdale still living with the emotional scars of being abused by an obese MP. David Steel pointed out that Smith was a Labour councillor when he committed some of his crimes.

Butler-Sloss resigned and was replaced some time later by Fiona Woolf, a Lord Mayor of London who regards hosting a banquet for the Prime Minister after arriving in her own gold coach and sitting on a gilded throne as not being part of “the Establishment”. Another clever move to buy more time; wiz, wiz, wiz went the shredders. Woolf turned out to be a chum of Leon Brittan and colluded with the Home Office to produce a letter down playing their association. According to Mrs Woolf, only a hermit can avoid banquets for Prime Ministers and dinners with former Home Secretaries who are now Lords. It is possible to feel some sympathy for Butler-Sloss and Woolf. Coming to the end of their distinguished careers, both now have their reputations in tatters through no fault of their own. In her only television interview so far, Fiona Woolf appeared to be a nervous wreck desperately trying to memorise a script in the manner of an ISIL hostage. If Theresa May and David Cameron are prepared to sacrifice such people, then the secrets must be unimaginably dark.

Having ensured that there is not a single person living or dead suitable to chair the CSA Inquiry, our transparent government has widened the scope of the investigation to include just about everything that is not related to politicians in order to buy yet more time. The process could take decades which will allow the guilty to die of natural causes before facing justice and allow whoever is appointed chair to also die and therefore the whole process will start again. Theresa May is doing a masterful job in keeping a lid on all of this and is to be congratulated for her dedication. We should all support her in her efforts to find a chair that is trusted, liked and respected by the public.

What a shame that Jimmy Savile is no longer available.

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