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January 8, 2015

This is not a religion

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Via Charlie Hebdo

Via Charlie Hebdo

Penguins, the duck-billed Platypus, Kim Jong-un and Jeremy Hunt provide irrefutable proof that God, if he exists, has a wonderful sense of humour.

As the great creator of all things, He has consistently provided us with a right old laugh by placing things like the Spanish Inquisition, the Westboro Baptist Church and Nigel Farage on the face of the earth to keep us amused as we struggle to know and worship His divine authority. After giving us Caligula, Genghis Khan, Robespierre, Stalin and that funny little bloke with the funny little moustache, it`s fairly safe to say the God knows a thing or two about satire. God, in His infinite wisdom, understands a joke. (more…)

January 3, 2015

Autoestrada para o inferno

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Malice; here are four thoughts…

Firstly; that road looks a bit French.

Secondly; none of the statements are remotely true.

Thirdly; telling blatant lies will not fool even the stupidest voter and…

Fourthly; this…

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