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February 10, 2015

Has Something Become Critical

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Perhaps the most surprising, shocking and outrageous reaction to the escalating HSBC scandal is the surprise, shock and outrage expressed by folk previously unaware that this kind of thing has been going on since the Book of Genesis instructed forced labour to give one fifth of the crop to the Pharaoh. Tax for the wealthy has always been optional; so stop bleating that it is unfair or immoral. The rich did not become rich by being fair or ethical.

The worship and preservation of money is as old as the hills and we mere mortals must pay the tithe in order to keep the machinery of society in good working order. Our wealthy Gods, however, must be allowed to generate wealth and if the machinery of society suffers some catastrophic breakdown, then it is the poor who will be required to pay for the repairs. The Gods are above any thoughts of fairness, morality, responsibility or resultant poverty.

Spare a thought for my noble Lord Stephen Green; an awesome God of such entrepreneurial skills and munificence that he made a healthy profit for HSBC by laundering money from drug cartels, terrorist groups and some rather unpleasant dictatorships. In Stephen`s world, there is no such thing as dirty money. Now, it seems, the good lord is being criticised for allowing illegality over vast pots of hidden money in Switzerland. Surely not; and as former Chancellor and climate change expert Lord Nigel Lawson points out, an ordained Church of England Minister is incapable of wrongdoing in exactly the same way that his daughter doesn`t do drugs. Dominic should have a quiet word with his dad and advise him to steer well clear of microphones.

Stephen Green was rewarded with a peerage eight months after the 2010 General Election to allow him to become a trade minister in the coalition government. The courageous whistle-blowers revealed the extent of the corruption at the heart of HSBC in May 2010. Reward for criminality or criminality for reward – we may never know. In earlier, more honourable times, this deceit and corruption would have resulted in the collapse of government but this deceitful and corrupt regime continue to brazen the affair out by stating that Stephen Green was an able trade minister in the same way that Jack the Ripper did some excellent work in clearing prostitution from the streets of Whitechapel.

HSBC claim that things have changed and recite the laughable mantra of drawing lines, learning lessons and moving on once the corporate entity has been discovered as being completely and utterly corrupt. Hey – this is normal – it`s what banks do. Do not be concerned; the banks that caused the financial crash are above reproach and we should be bloody well grateful for the sterling work that they do. There is nothing surprising, shocking or outrageous in governments supporting their noble endeavours to keep us in our place. It`s what governments do.

It seems that there is a General Election being offered to the poor who are currently subsidising the rich. How nice of the rich to give a passing nod to democracy. Forget Miliband eating a bacon sandwich, Clegg destined for oblivion, the Farage creature appearing utterly ridiculous and Cameron cementing his reputation as the most hopeless Prime Minister since the time before Britain had Prime Ministers, the election will be won on the issue of basic decency and, if we are to learn from history, lost on a single, embarrassing television image. Remember Kinnock in Sheffield and Brown with his head in his hands.

The BBC, who in these strange days seem to operate as a press office for Cameron`s Conservatives, produced a Panorama documentary that dared to question the propriety of HSBC. Complete with a B-movie soundtrack and theatrical reconstructions worthy of Tarantino, the BBC went to the reservoir dogs. Surprisingly, shockingly and outrageously, the reporter took to the streets to confront criminal tax perpetrators. He finally tracked down the Lord Green and we learned nothing new.

Refusing to answer questions and denying any responsibility, Stephen Green typified the current bunch of greedy bastards currently asset stripping what was once a fairly reasonable nation. Lord Green is hardly likely to have need of a food bank and Cameron, with his inherited wealth from off-shore tax havens will not be unduly concerned that his citizens are starving to death. The long term economic plan is working so shut up and pay your tax. No – not you – rich Tory donor – you are exempt.

There is still a long way to go but the image in the Panorama programme of the back of Stephen Green`s expensive overcoat walking away from the camera, questions and scrutiny looks like a pivotal media moment in the already tedious election campaign. It is not for me to say that Stephen Green should be considered a criminal, a fraudster, a cheat, a liar and a God botherer but if it came down to a fist fight between me and him, it would probably be a draw in the eyes of God. Victory would be punching the light out of Cameron, Osborne, Hunt and the nasty Iain Duncan-Smith and many others.

Violence is not the answer, but it is becoming increasingly attractive.

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