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February 28, 2015

Straw poll

Via Telegraph - Channel 4

Via Telegraph – Channel 4

To suggest that Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkin are anything other than fine upstanding, honest and highly respected parliamentarians is merely cheap political opportunism in the middle of a toxic and seemingly endless election campaign. The Right Honourable Jack and the Right Honourable Malcolm have broken no rules and done no wrong according to the Right Honourable Jack and the Right Honourable Malcolm. Bellowing indignant outrage or even mild disquiet at an occasional honest mistake or slight lapse of judgement is nothing short slanderous spite and libellous envy. These fine, upstanding and rather gorgeous MPs have devoting years of selfless public service and are entitled to an occasional big, fat juicy cheque over and above their meagre £67 grand basic salaries plus allowances and expenses. It is not as if they are doing anything immoral or even illegal.

It is scandalous that these two wonderful human beings have been singled out by biased, left-wing media outlets such as the Marxist Daily Telegraph who have clearly acted illegally in secretly filming old, grey men in private meetings with attractive young women impersonating Chinese businessmen. Sir Malcolm has been particularly defamed and has had to step down not just as Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee but also as an MP. It is nonsense to suggest that he is unsuitable to scrutinise the defence and security capabilities of the United Kingdom whilst in the perfectly legitimate pay of the Chinese government. He is, after all, self-employed and has to earn a crust wherever he can just like the millions of hard-working families facing destitution. Poor Sir Malcolm.

Jack Straw, on the hand, has been treated with leniency by the Bolshevik press. Jack, soon to be Lord Straw of Guernsey and the Cayman Islands is allowed to walk away scot-free and disappear into the anonymity of the Upper Chamber with all those lovely expenses and allowances. However, it might be best if those that have the power, influence and entitlement to bestow entitlement waited a time before ennobling Jack the Lad. At some point, goodness knows when, the Chilcot inquiry into the conduct and legality of the Iraq war might eventually be published. Poor old Jack.

Via Channel 4 - Telegraph

Via Channel 4 – Telegraph

A lot of delusional commentators have offered the utterly absurd observation that elected representatives remunerated by the state should not be allowed any second, third, fourth or more incomes derived from corporate interests. These corporate interests would never dream of attempting to influence government policy for material gain and as our wonderful Prime Minister has said, we need people with experience of business and commerce to inform and enrich the process of legislature and governance. Old, grey millionaires from public schools are clearly the best qualified to be paid for ministerial responsibility and are setting a shining example by taking four or five part-time directorships and consultancies simply to put food on the table and lots of money into discreet bank accounts.

Perhaps work-shy, feckless single mothers and scroungers pretending to have disabilities should give up their three of four part-time jobs to put food on the table and stand for parliament. They could ask for advice from the Right Honourable Jack and the Right Honourable Malcolm.

They are expert at knowing how it`s done.

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