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May 12, 2015

Cowards flinch

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There are, according to recent estimates, about 200,000 paid up members of the British Labour Party which means that there about 200,000 different definitions of socialism and about 200,000 alternative manifestos. Labour`s failure to oust a government of crooks, liars and shysters did not come about due to a last minute surge of support for more misery and pain but by an addiction to self-harm and a perpetual identity crisis.

It is impossible not to feel at the least a modicum of sympathy for Ed Miliband. He is undoubtedly an honourable and principled man and has endured distasteful personal attacks from a shameless Conservative Party and a shameful right-wing press. By challenging multi-national corporations and the Murdoch Empire he targeted himself as a danger to wealthy vested interests that did all in their power to neutralise him. He joins John Smith, Neil Kinnock, Denis Healey and Nye Bevan in the growing ranks of great Labour Prime Ministers that never were.

That is not to say, however, that Miliband`s downfall was entirely due to Tory nastiness as much of the damage was self-inflicted. By agreeing to a further £30billion in cuts without saying where the axe would fall and by intending to continue with austerity, Miliband lost his core vote by trying to gain the centre ground. Mimicking Tory dogma is only one definition of “socialism”. He fell into the Conservative trap by piling in to the deeply unpleasant and negative “Better Together” referendum campaign and so lost Scotland, probably forever.

It could be argued that the seeds of his May 2015 defeat were sown in May 2010 following the defeat of Gordon Brown. The Labour Party took four months to elect a new leader during which time the Tory led coalition government set the agenda and created the whole mythical “inherited mess” narrative that went unchallenged at the time and persists to this day. There is no evidence of any animosity or sibling rivalry between Miliband and his older brother yet the “back stabbing” myth, again unchallenged is enshrined as a “fact” simply because it is repeated over and over again.

Strangely, there is seldom any mention of David Cameron`s older brother, Alexander Cameron. He is an eminent barrister and QC who has been rather scathing regarding the removal of legal aid and the systematic dismantling of the justice system brought about by his younger sibling. He has even worked pro bono for the defence of those unable to fund adequate legal representation. By strange coincidence, the elder Cameron heads the chambers that were engaged to defend Rebekah Brooks against charges of phone hacking at some newspaper owned by some American bloke who was once an Australian. It`s a small world in Chipping Norton.

Now that the election is over, we have to endure mollusc Lord Peter Mandelson sliming out of the brickwork to drip bile all over Ed Miliband. Having remained silent for years devoting his time and energy to property fraud and Russian arms deals, this slug now emerges to claim that Blairite “New Labour” is the way forward. To be successful, presumably the new Labour leader will be advised to emulate Tony Blair by starting a disastrous and illegal war and then enjoy some quality time with the wife (now ex-wife) of a newspaper mogul. After that has been achieved, the new leader can enjoy a lucrative retirement as a peace envoy to a region that he or she previously bombed the blazes out of.

The opinion of Mandelson is, of course, only one of about 200,000 and his definition of socialism is charmingly unique. Around about 200,000 loyal party members now blame Miliband for collective failure and resent the time wasted stuffing leaflets through letterboxes. The nation no longer needs an opposition, it requires a resistance. How does that old song go? Ah yes…traitors sneer.

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  1. Gregg: So, Chef Ed has now left the kitchen. The customers of Cafe Society have collectively failed to appreciate a blank menu. Attacking prejuidiced reviewers has its place but can be dangerous. It is no substitute for providing the customer with some idea of what will be served. After all, they pay for it!

    Torode: Another menu for the consumer to consider might have worked. Instead of the over-priced, badly-sourced, profit-driven drivel offered by the rival restaurant (oddly enough established by his former employers), he would have done better to consider meat and potato dishes.

    Gregg: These could have included ingredients such as education, local democracy, regeneration, infrastructure, housing, foreign policy, energy, the environment and the economy. Am I right!!

    Torode: You’re right Gregg. His approach was to stick with what I call Islington cooking – no spice, no bite and basically no appeal. If you do that, you need to know that you are competing with the best

    Gregg: We had doubts about him in the earlier rounds, but he managed to land a few punches

    Torode: Right Gregg. He backed his rival on Libya and Scottish devolution. That shows a real team player. He also made a beautiful sorbet out of energy pricing. However, for me, he was held back by a mistrust of his ingredients

    Gregg: But his pudding was to die for. Lightness to the point of etheral, the spun sugar was superb. I also adored the twist-the-mouth rhubarb. Slightly bitter, but with less zest than I would have liked. I thought Scottish honey would have worked better

    John: For me, the dish was disappointing. I would have preferred something more earthy. He should make better use of the basic materials. He tried to change. We saw that in his latest presentation. But too little, too late.

    Gregg: Fair enough

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — May 14, 2015 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

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