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May 30, 2015

They think it`s all over

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It is now

It is now

Not everything is clear cut and straight forward or a simple choice between right and wrong. For every dodgy refereeing decision, disallowed goal, off side flag and waved red card there are always two, or many more, sides to the story. Consider the newly re-elected President of FIFA; the remarkably resilient Joseph S Blatter.

Ignore the hysterical bellowing from the western media and imagine for a moment a man of vision and integrity that has delivered unbridled joy to billions of human beings across the planet. Smiling orphans in the developing world consider him a saint for bunging loads of cash in the direction of local sports ministers and territorial FIFA representatives in a fair exchange of great wealth for presidential votes. Imagine this great man as a victim of a Zionist plot to oust him before he ousts Israel from FIFA or as a victim of an elaborate CIA plot intent on ousting Vladimir Putin.

No – I don`t believe any of this either. The man is a crook.

It is difficult to define exactly when a brawl became a game and then a game became a sport. Similarly, the cusp between a sport becoming a business and then a business becoming a corrupt racket cannot be easily indentified. However, we can now with certainty pin down the exact moment when it became acceptable to be a racketeer. Sepp Blatter`s re-election has overshadowed today`s FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Aston Villa (or possibly West Ham), the games on Sunday morning in parks and playing fields from Hackney marshes to Harare and mired in doubt any trust in football`s governing body.

The FIFA delegates in Zurich who endorsed corruption are even now checking out of their five star hotels, pockets bulging and heading home to their respective impoverished countries on the specially chartered executive jets. However, Blatter`s victory over the only other candidate, who happens to be the son of a royal family of a nation not exactly known for its legality, might turn out to be entirely pyrrhic. The rather splendid recently appointed United States Attorney General and the tenacious FBI are on the case and Blatter might wish to avoid the hotel room door being broken down at dawn by taking up residence in Zimbabwe.

If the Feds don`t nail him then the sponsors and advertisers will because, as is blindingly obvious, football and all professional sport is now all about money. Why on earth would Visa, Coca-cola, Gazprom, Adidas and McDonalds wish to be associated with a bunch of exploitative crooks and racketeers? Think about that for a moment. Talk of a World Cup boycott is utterly ridiculous because the greedy men who govern the sport remain implacably greedy and the seats in the executive boxes will remain unfilled until 20 minutes into the second half as the good and the great finish the gourmet lunch. As a football fan, I would rather have a pork pie and a Bovril at a non-league game.

I wonder if the FBI will now take a peek at what goes on inside the International Olympic Committee, or the NFL, or the NBA, or F1, or cricket, or rugby. In the meantime, I will stick with Rushall Olympic.

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