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June 8, 2015

Shake it all about

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Oh Hokey Cokey Cokey

Oh Hokey Cokey Cokey

There are some cynics who question the necessity of an in-out referendum on the UK`s continued membership of the European Union but, in the great scheme of things, such a ballot is absolutely vital. Cameron needs a referendum because he cannot control some of his more rabid backbenchers and would promise an arm and a leg if he thought it would help to see off the threat from the venomous Kippers.

The suspicion, trepidation and ill-informed antagonism that he has done so much to encourage particularly over Europe and immigration, has become a self-feeding epidemic of invented hate, fear and aggressive bigotry that could result in a “No” vote. The poison is out of the bottle and is spreading and no amount of weasel words from Cameron will stop it. (more…)

June 3, 2015

Charles Kennedy

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Election poster from 2001

Election poster from 2001

Given the current state of British politics, an MP resigning or being rejected by the electorate or even dying is usually a cause for celebration. Charles Kennedy resigned as leader of his party, was rejected by his electorate and has now died. This is not a cause for celebration as all three events can only be described as tragic because this was not just a good man but also an example of a rare and endangered species. There are very few politicians left that have been blessed with integrity, humanity, a sense of humour and an astonishing intellect.

He achieved a great deal. Electorally, he remains the most successful Liberal leader since Asquith in 1923. His was one of the few voices in parliament to oppose Blair`s idiotic rush into a second war in Iraq and, in death, has managed to compel the BBC to air footage of the huge demonstration in London on the eve of the war. Something the state broadcaster decided to ignore at the time. He voted alone against a coalition with the Tories in 2010 realising that such an arrangement would destroy the Liberal Democrat Party and fragment and degrade the entire nation. He was a clever one, that there Charles Kennedy and it turns out that he was absolutely correct. (more…)

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