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July 5, 2015

It`s in the post

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Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

There comes a time when you realise that a bad debt is never going to be paid and the only options available are to either litigate or forget about it. Some work undertaken about a year ago resulted in a Mr Micawber situation of misery rather than happiness when the bastards didn`t cough up the dosh that they owed me for doing something that they were incapable of doing. The response from the debtors ranged from “Oh dear, it must be an accounting problem” to “payment in the next three working days” to “sod off”. I gave up and although bruised, put it down to experience.

Imagine my delight when a fat, juicy cheque plopped out of the letterbox ten months later for the full fee plus a bit more for the inconvenience. By complete chance, my best friend and I had “diary windows” and with the children now old enough and trusted enough to not burn the house down, we spent an hour on the internet thingy then and flew to Barcelona the very next day.

There are very few things that are wrong with Barcelona. It belongs, like London, New York and Athens, to the world yet has the advantage of having a decent football team. It is also not actually a part of Spain and it`s people are as friendly and welcoming as those of Greece, Tunisia and Syria. It is also looking over its shoulder at the individuals wanting to control the planet and the others that are taking a stand against greed, malice, hatred and usury.

Some people might remember that bloke who drove the money lenders out of the temple; others might remember how Greece signed away Germany`s debt in 1953 and there will be others that believe that being avaricious is the default condition that defines humanity. Me; I would rather talk to people rather than condemn them for being poor and in the vain hope of coming face to face to some fat old, unelected twat from the IMF, European Council or the Central Bank, I would ask them about what exactly is in it for them. The taxi driver I spoke to on the way to Gaudi`s superb cathedral said what was in for him was the chance of feeding his children.

Greece votes today on a question that has become redundant. We simply do not know what the bloody hell is going on. This is serious.

On Friday morning, we breakfasted on La Rambla; we had a tapas lunch on the way to El Prat and then had a chicken curry shortly after arriving at an unburned house. That, in the great scheme of things, is something of a result. The story of the chicken curry is for another day.

As this day unfolds, only Greece can decide its destiny. Hey Tsipras, tell them it`s in the post and remind them it`s all about democracy. Good luck.


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  1. In Greece, as in Spain, the sun will shine, olives and lemons will grow. People will work to survive and to protect their own and their culture.

    Official tax collectors will forever remain frustrated in their endeavours, along with any attempt to ‘automate’ local systems. Corprate tax evasion continues to escape even the keenest European eyes.

    Meanwhile, Merckel will be trying to figure out how to tell her electorate just how what began as Greek debt to German banks and investment vehicles became a public liability for the EEC tax payer.

    Of course, conversion is the answer. She forced through a succession of debt transfers, mostly from German interests, from private to public and thence to European ownership. As a tactic, it was inspired.

    As a strategy, it almost defies logic. Non-too-distant medical theory had it that the patient had to be dead before it could be proven that the treatment had worked.

    This appears to be the German position

    I think they might be wrong.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — July 6, 2015 @ 3:44 pm | Reply

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