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July 30, 2015

A leaping Lord

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The most shocking aspect of the allegedly outrageous behaviour of my noble Lord Sewel is that some people are actually shocked that a peer of the realm could conduct himself in such a shocking fashion. Such behaviour comes, as they say, with the territory and the poor man has merely suffered ignominy because he was stupid enough to fall for the entrapment set up by the vilest “newspaper” on the planet. It is difficult to decide who to despise most.

Behind his boyish good looks and manly charm, the unelected and unaccountable peer is obviously a hot babe magnet and his 80 grand salary and two or three hundred quid daily allowance makes him simply irresistible to any sex worker looking for a quick buck. Now come on…which of us with hand on heart can deny that we have used public money to purchase cocaine and hookers. He is a humble public servant unfortunate enough to get caught doing Charlie and wearing a bra. It is an indication of just how gullible this pathetic creature is that he responded to leading political questions from the ladies of the night and chucked in some casual racist and sexist remarks. Now come on…we`ve all been there. Who would not discuss the shadow cabinet when naked with a courtesan? He is already described as a bad apple bringing the House of Lords into disrepute but he is typical of the arrogance of privilege that allows the Lord of the Manor to take advantage of the scullery maid and put up the rent for tenant farmers. There are hundreds of Lord Sewels.

The sordid and sensational revelations have resulted in calls for a reform of the House of Lords. Some idiots have suggested that this storm in bra cup would not have happened if we still had entirely hereditary peers because hereditary peers have certain “standards” as part of their breeding. Appointed peers, it seems, are vulgar and inferior and lack the responsibility to behave in a reasonable manner. David Cameron, on yet another overseas tour to sell British weaponry to failing dictatorships, intends to appoint more Tory peers to the House of Lords to ensure that his government remains safely unaccountable. The Prime Minister is quick to point out that Sewel, who rejoices in the middle name Buttifant, might be a cross-bencher but was once a Labour councillor and served as a junior minister under the odious Tony Blair.

As this rather ridiculous story decays and Sewel is forgotten in the way that Lord Archer and Lord Rennard are now doomed in obscurity, we need to ask if this sad, old man`s indiscretions are worth the ink given that perversion funded by the public purse is par for the course. It might prove to be a useful distraction from more serious crimes perpetrated by the people that assume the right to govern us. It won`t be the last time that a legislator has worn a bra in Dolphin Square or taken a sniff of Columbia from an ample bosom.

I wonder how the CSA inquiry is progressing.

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  1. Why all the fuss?

    I was bought up to believe that this sort of behaviour was obligatory for peers of the Realm. Until Sewell, I had almost given up hope.

    In anticipation of a further Cameron engorgement of the House of Lords, let us hope that traditional standards will soon be restored.

    The Realist

    Comment by The Realist — July 31, 2015 @ 11:43 am | Reply

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