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August 12, 2015


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Four across - Caped Crusader in a Kaftan - ends with d something h

Four across – Caped Crusader in a Kaftan – ends with d something h

It`s a bit rich for a government that allows George Osborne to dole out billions of pounds of public money to his wealthy friends to then accuse a charity of financial irregularities. Kids Company, you may recall, once provided care and support to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people abandoned by a callous government that regards yet another Lamborghini for an investment banker as more of a priority than social care for the victims of abuse.

At first glance, it is difficult to comprehend quite how the founder of Kids Company, Camila Batmanghelidjh went from being the darling of Cameron`s spurious Big Society to becoming, according to the more rabid elements of the right wing media, a fraudulent, overweight people trafficker with an eccentric taste in couture. It seems that Ms Batmanghelidjh is no Mother Theresa of Calcutta and not only has a silly name but is undeniably guilty of being a woman and, what is even more scandalous, a woman in blatant possession of opinions and ideas. Where she differs from Mother Theresa is that Kids Company did not demand that predominately BME children born into poverty and dysfunction must convert to Christianity before receiving care and support.

Quite why the Cabinet Office bunged three million quid to the charity on a Thursday only to ask for it back on Friday has absolutely nothing to do with the story at the top of the news agenda on Thursday evening. It is entirely coincidental that the alleged behaviour of a former and long-dead Prime Minister was attracting the attention of a growing number of police forces and whipping up all manner of misplaced confidence amongst gold-diggers from Kincora to Haut de la Garenne and every Dolphin Square in between. A succession of serious looking old men that nobody has ever heard of took to the airwaves to complain of outrageous allegations, unfounded rumour, scurrilous innuendo and point to not a single shred of evidence against the former Prime Minister who was clearly something of a saint.

BBC Newsnight helpfully came up with an instant in-depth investigation into Kids Company proving gross financial mismanagement, violent behaviour, child sexual abuse and, even worse, children from impoverished backgrounds actually smoking. “Emma – Not Her Real Name – Actors Voice” told terrible tales of receiving envelopes stuffed with money to buy drugs in return for a “sob story”. An anonymous neighbour recounted lurid accounts of young people “hanging about” and “Charlotte – Not Her Real Name – Actors Voice” told the truly shocking story of how a male client of Kids Company attempted to groom her by asking her out for a date.

BBC Newsnight is the same flagship news and current affairs programme that erroneously named the wrong Lord McAlpine a few years back resulting in the story being buried forever and ever amen. It was his dead brother you bloody morons. Chair of Trustees at Kids Company, Alan Yentob, attempted a spirited defence on Channel 4 News but lost his rag and came across as a very shifty character. Mother Camila did no better on Newsnight and no amount of explanation of yearly financial audits or the highest standards of safeguarding was going to change the scripted narrative. The former Prime Minister needed to be off the front page.

When two people above the age of consent commune away from Kids Company premises and not under the supervision of Kids Company employees, it is not child sexual abuse. When a philanthropist withdraws funding from a fully audited charity it is not financial mismanagement. As an aside, who would have thought that in the 21st century the welfare of young people should fall upon the largess of philanthropists; truly a return to Victorian values. When a child throws a tantrum, or a chair or a snooker ball, it is not an indicator of mindless uncontrolled violence but a reaction to being considered worthless by a ruling elite that hates children. Professionals who actually work with disadvantage young people would happily take a lump on the head or a kick on the shin rather than condemn the assailant to a criminal record and constant harassment from the old bill. How many parents turn their kids in after the little darlings have chucked broccoli at the Matisse?

With charter renewal on the horizon, it is no coincidence that BBC news editors should tow the Conservative Party line. The outrageous allegations, unfounded rumour, scurrilous innuendo and not a single shred of evidence against the former Kids Company has successfully dropped the former Prime Minister story faster than a pole-axed pit-pony at a glue factory. Next up – Lord Janner.

With the opposition in self-destruct mode, distraction was never easier. Especially if you are rich.

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  1. …….doesn’t meant they’re not out to get me.

    Dear oh dear.

    Nothing to see then.

    Looking forward to being “informed” why Jeremy’s in the news so much, maybe his brother’s wacky forecasts?

    Comment by Rob — August 12, 2015 @ 11:57 pm | Reply

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