The Plastic Hippo

October 14, 2015

Wanton boys



The absolute joy of existing in an infinite and expanding universe is the certainty that the space-time continuum will continue to throw up some astonishing surprises. Who on earth could ever have imagined that FIFA actually has an actual ethics committee or that Michael Gove would actually do something useful by reversing the barking mad decisions made by failing Grayling at the Ministry of Justice. Pensioners in the House of Lords might pay good money for being put to the lash but a pensioner in a Saudi prison might be bad for business. With friends like Saudi Arabia, who needs extraterrestrial aliens with vaporising death rays? Obviously the government will engage in a “dialogue” with the bug-eyed silicone based life-forms from somewhere beyond Alpha Centauri in the hope of flogging them some lovely weaponry.

The possible discovery of something approximating to flowing water on the surface of Mars might have caused a few Spock-like scientific eyebrows to rise and may have caused a brief moment of doubt in the usually solid self-confidence of Almighty God, but by contrast, the discovery that a backbench MP has done what he is supposed to do has caused hysteria worthy of an invasion by little green men.

It might be ridiculously naïve to suggest that an elected representative being presented with multiple and unrelated allegations of historic gross sexual abuse committed by powerful men at senior levels within the clergy, military and parliament would have a duty to report these allegations to the police for investigation. As a backbench MP, Tom Watson did just that and now, coincidentally as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, he has the full force of the Establishment`s Vogon destruction fleet aiming all its phasers at his honourable if slightly bulky form. Perhaps the attack dogs would prefer Watson to ignore the dossier and then find that it has been lost or “not retained” when the Old Bill come knocking on the door. If it`s good enough for the now deceased former Home Secretary Leon Brittan then it`s good enough for the likes of Watson.

Astonishingly, Watson`s detractors claim that reporting Child Sexual Abuse is politically motivated because the alleged criminal activities were allegedly undertaken by alleged Tories and Watson is an unpatriotic, stinking leftie, Marxist, anarchists scumbag; or words to that effect. The Prime Minster stated that Tom Watson “had questions to answer”. Let`s just look at that again. David Cameron said that Tom Watson has questions to answer. Leave the eyes in Dave, it`ll see us through the week.

BBC Panorama, fearful of losing the Charter and the licence fee, weighed in with a “documentary” suggesting that one of the accusers, a man described as “vulnerable”, had been coerced by politically motivated trouble-makers into making false statements. The BBC seems to have coerced the “vulnerable” man into confessing that the whole thing was a complete invention. The inference being that anyone making allegations of historic Child Sexual Abuse is a fantasist, an attention seeker, a gold-digger, clinically insane and definitely a liar. Presumably the BBC Christmas schedule will feature re-runs of Jim`ll Fix It”.

After a long time of closing ranks, the Establishment have gone into full warp drive attack with shields set to maximum and photon torpedoes being fired at will. There is a palpable sense of desperation and even panic as the rare earth element of truth comes bubbling up through the surface of a scorched planet. Forget the CSA Inquiry, designed to last decades and guaranteed to be so complex that it will be rendered meaningless. It would require the analytical skills of another Watson and another Crick to unravel the double helix of state secrets and the deeply unpleasant perversions of powerful men with a sense of entitlement that puts them above the law and basic human decency. After Baroness Butler-Sloss lasted a week and Dame Fiona Woolf lasted a creditable month and a half, let`s hope that Dame Lowell Goddard stays in London long enough to see New Zealand win the rugby World Cup. For the All Blacks, it could be a whitewash.

Clearly the Establishment would wish us to focus our tiny minds elsewhere and concentrate on working hard to fund an artificial austerity constructed to keep the rich and powerful rich and powerful.

That there William Shakespeare knew a thing or two about cruelty, senseless barbarity and the hypocrisy of power. In King Lear, a blinded Gloucester finally understands his folly and the folly of fleeting authority.
“In the last night`s storm I such a fellow saw,
Which made me think a man a worm. My son
Came then into my mind, and yet my mind
Was then scarce friends with him. I have heard more since.
As flies to wanton boys are we to th`gods,
They kill us for their sport.”

King Lear Act IV, scene 1.

Our gods are hollow and are pulling the wings off butterflies.


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