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November 13, 2015

He`s got a little list

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Via PA

Via PA

As some day it may happen that a victim must be found, I`ve got a little list – I`ve got a little list of society offenders who might well be underground, and who never would be missed – who never would be missed.

After what seems an age of interminable waffle and prevarication, Cameron has at last produced his little list of “reforms” to the European Union that are required if the United Kingdom if to remain a member of the largest trading market on the planet. Oh I wish he would desist – I wish he would desist. His proposals are unworkable, befuddled and, in short, utter nonsense that will lead to nothing short of fragmentation and humiliation. It is worth remembering that 23 per cent of those eligible to vote elected this oaf as Prime Minister on the empty promise of a re-negotiated European treaty. It is not going to happen and those that believe anything Cameron says must be really rather drunk – oh really rather drunk.

Returning early from Malta to drop his trousers and bend over to welcome the latest megalomaniac with a fat cheque book to grace these shores on a state visit, Cameron basically bought a poppy, donated to Children In Need and bunged some cash to “solve” the refugee crisis. Perhaps he, like so many others, sleeps peacefully at night safe in the knowledge that a little bit of money and some charitable giving will solve any problem. With 100,000 children in the UK defined as homeless and with 1 million people reliant on food banks, Cameron and his government are the cause and not the solution of a fracturing society and has become something of an embarrassment. You may put him on the list – he will not be missed. He will not be missed.

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  1. Very good, poignant and utterly true, yet the moon faced twat and his band of vile cronies still rule the roost.

    Comment by Keith Povall — November 13, 2015 @ 10:02 am | Reply

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