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December 5, 2015

Hard Labour

Uncle Joe`s Mint Balls

Uncle Joe`s Mint Balls

Only a complete fool would attempt to interpret national voting intentions based on the result of a single parliamentary by election but there is one profoundly shocking consequence of the Oldham West and Royton result that changes everything.

After all this time it seems that it is the electorate that decides the outcome of an election and not the media, the chattering classes floating high above us in the Westminster bubble or even this new-fangled social media malarkey. It is outrageous that voters should overturn the decision of political commentators, pundits, hacks, pollsters and generously funded spin doctors. This is a situation, my friends, that threatens national security and the very future of parliamentary democracy. We need Gulags to treat these mentally unstable deviants and re-educate them to vote correctly.

For weeks now, the good and the great have been predicting a collapse in the Labour vote and the success of the very odd followers of the Farage creature. The media and all the other political parties and some elements of the Parliamentary Labour Party styled the by election as a grand “referendum” on an unelectable Labour leader and informed us with certainty that the weird, beardy terrorist sympathiser would be history within days. The character assassination of Corbyn was unrelenting as vultures circled a dead man crawling. With Labour divided over dropping bombs on people and with some Labour MPs putting much more effort into deposing their own leader than they ever did to remove Cameron, his end seemed inevitable.

It is true that the debate on airstrikes over Syria displayed parliament at its best. Sombre, considered and, for the most part, dignified, the contributions from MPs from all parties gave an alternative to the usual Punch and Judy shouting match. Corbyn, after defying the party whip on so many occasions, offered his MPs a free vote; the other parties did not. The new rules of engagement in politics clearly state that the words “our brave” must be used in advance of the words “armed forces” and the words “barbaric” and “death cult” must be used before and after any reference to “IS/ISIL/ISIS/Daesh”. Failure to do so is taken as clear evidence of terrorist sympathies. Similarly, any reference to Jeremy Corbyn must be prefaced by a scornful yet dismissive put down.

However, since he became leader of the Labour Party, it has been interesting to compare what he actually said with what the media and his opponents report he said. It may be sacrilegious to suggest but so far Corbyn sounds like he is talking quite a bit of sense. He said in an interview that Labour MPs should listen to constituents, vote with their conscience and not hide behind a party whip. Yet again, his words were deliberately and maliciously misinterpreted and headlines and sound bites went along the lines of: “Corbyn threatens Labour MPs” – “No hiding place for rebels who defy Comrade Jeremy”. It all became rather silly.

Those that spoke in favour of bombing did so with compassion and more than a little conscience. Hilary Benn in particular delivered an astonishingly powerful speech supporting the motion but his conclusion, sadly, missed the basic premise. It is absolutely clear that we as a nation cannot stand and watch as British citizens are beheaded or gunned down on holiday beaches. We must stand with France and we must do all we can to help refugees and protect Yazidi women being sold into slavery and much, much worse. The basic premise is that without a clear strategy, cogent tactical objectives and any thought given to an achievable exit plan, bombing will escalate the problem and will result in further atrocities. The oratory was brilliant but the logic is flawed. Benn, and others in the Labour Party, have been fooled by Cameron and have signed up for yet another intractable and endless Middle Eastern war.

The irony is that the motion would have passed anyway without the support of Labour MPs and Cameron who two weeks ago was too scared to go for a vote without the certainty of victory can now do what the bloody hell he likes. There are cynics that might suggest that some Labour MPs did not vote for bombing Syria but instead voted for bombing Corbyn but that is clearly barking mad Trotsky propaganda. The claims and counter-claims of bullying, harassment, intimidation and threats from various factions within the Labour Party has turned the news agenda away from joining in with an air war into a story about the divisions within Labour. ISIL and the Tories are delighted.

So amidst this internecine chaos, received wisdom informed us that Labour would be pounded back into the Stone Age in Oldham West and Royton. With the unerring inaccuracy that predicted the outcome of the General Election in May, the result of the Labour leadership contest and the vote to bomb ISIL in Syria, the chattering classes were as wide of the mark as a bomb landing on a school rather than a terrorist training camp. The narrative has undergone a suddenly change and now the media talk of “local issues” and a “popular candidate” rather than a judgement on Corbyn.

The rather odd followers of the Farage creature and the Farage creature itself scream “electoral fraud” and only just manage to stay this side of legality with talk of ethnic groups and “whole streets” unable to speak English. It would be wrong to describe them as sore losers and more appropriate to describe them as racist idiots…and losers…again. Earlier in the week the BBC helpfully pointed out that 25 per cent of the Oldham electorate were of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin and our intrepid reporter stated that they were worried about having their state benefits removed. That must have been a very thorough survey. When the result was declared the BBC reported a reduced majority and the next day ran three voxpops from Oldham voters complaining about Corbyn.

Well here is one for the statisticians at the BBC and the rest of the media;
Labour candidate and now MP Jim McMahon polled 17,209, which was 62 per cent of the vote giving a majority of 10,722. The turnout was 27,706 which equates to 40 per cent.
In the May General Election, the late Michael Meacher polled 23,630 or 55 per cent with a majority of 14,738. Obviously the majority was reduced by 4,016. Are you keeping up? The turnout in May was 43,137 or 59 per cent.
So 4,016 fewer Oldham residents voted Labour on Thursday but 15,431 did not vote at all compared to May. It was chucking it down in Oldham on election day which was obviously another evil terrorist sympathising plan concocted by Corbyn to turn the UK into an Islamic Republic.

Only a complete fool would attempt to tell the public what to think or to tell them how to vote and only a complete fool assumes that the public are inherently foolish and therefore easily fooled. As the current government continues to treat us with contempt, a credible opposition is need more than ever and the squabbling egos in the Labour Party need to be reminded that unity is strength.

Just off the coast of North West Europe lies an archipelago perfect for hard labour.


  1. Looking forward to the “purge” in the new year.
    Back to 1980s unelectable levels.

    Comment by Rob — December 6, 2015 @ 1:14 am | Reply

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  3. A superb analysis.

    Our MPs clearly know better than the people who put them there

    Comment by The Realist — December 7, 2015 @ 11:15 am | Reply

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