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December 11, 2015

Nellie the Elephant

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The head of the herd was calling

The head of the herd was calling

Regardless of the swirling opprobrium and the hysterical gibbering of social media, two things are certain in any future that approaches for Donald Trump. Firstly, he will not be the next President of the United States and secondly, he will not get even close to securing the Republican nomination. By spring, he will have packed his bags and said goodbye to the circus.

There are forces with more power, wealth, intelligence, guile and all encompassing self-interest that will not allow this showboating huckster anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC. The United States Republican Party, or the “Grand Old Party” as they like to be known, currently hold majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives and have many more state Governors than the Democrats. The GOP would never in a million years adopt an erratic train wreck like Trump to go head-to-head against Hillary Clinton for fear of electoral collapse and decades of obscurity. Mrs Clinton, herself no stranger to guile and self-interest, would destroy Trump in a televised debate and render the GOP unelectable.

More importantly, the real powers in America realise that a President Trump would turn the US into a rogue state shunned by free market capitalism. A decline in foreign investment, trade and corporate colonialism would result in a drop in profits and all the hard work securing oil extraction rights in places like Iraq, Syria and Libya would have been time and effort wasted. A barely cogent buffoon like the last Republican President is fine but the last thing American business needs is an unpredictable fantasist prepared to say and do anything to attract attention.

In the late 50s or early 60s, an up and coming heavyweight boxer called Cassius Clay encountered a professional wrestler by the name of George Wagner. “Gorgeous George”, as he liked to be known, realised that there was cash to be made by being outrageous. He grew his hair and dyed it blond and entered the ring to fanfares and a valet scattering rose petals before him. Acting as camp as a row of tents, he became something of a celebrity and the advice he gave to the young Cassius Clay was that if you deliberately goad a gullible public into hating you then they will pay an awful lot of money in the hope of seeing you being defeated.

After winning an Olympic gold medal, Clay turned professional and created an outspoken, arrogant and provocative persona guaranteed to fill boxing stadia and make lots of money. An intelligent and spiritual man, Clay was an unusual sportsman in 60s America. He had opinions on politics, inequality and civil rights and was not afraid to give voice to those opinions. He claimed that he threw his gold medal into a river after being refused entry into a white only restaurant. He became the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world not once, but three times.

He converted to Islam, changed his given “slave name” to Muhammad Ali and refused to be conscripted as a foot soldier in Vietnam. As a result, his boxing titles and licence were removed and he was convicted of draft evasion. Narrowly avoid prison, his conviction was overturned at appeal and he came back to win the world title again. The people paying money to see a “disrespectful” young black man from Louisville Kentucky being defeated would have sold their houses, cars and children to pay to see him being lynched. Ali`s most memorable victories took place outside of the boxing ring and even now he endures a final battle with declining health. If you need an example of a proud American hero, look no further than “The Greatest”, as he liked to be known, and remember that Ali is a Muslim.

“Gorgeous George” successfully married sport with show business which eventually removed any actual sport from the spectacle and Ali merged sport and show business with a demand for the recognition of civil rights. All these years later, sports administrators repeatedly state that sport is above politics whilst lining their pockets and ignoring civil rights. Money, it seems, trumps all.

One unfortunate unforeseen consequence of the success of Gorgeous George and Muhammad Ali is a burgeoning of professional controversy merchants that display all the ambition and arrogance of the wrestler and the boxer but none of the actual ability. There is a lucrative career to be had by simply being unpleasant. Thus we have “laddish” racists crashing expensive cars on TV, newspaper columnists called Julie, Melanie, Sarah and Katie publishing all sorts of bile and hatred for the offer of a decent sized bank transfer and boxing champions spouting misogyny and homophobia in the name of the Lord.

If this desire to say something – anything – to offend people was based on the practicalities of earning a living due to being unqualified to undertake any other form of employment, then these sad, lost souls deserve our sympathy. But there is a troubling undercurrent of attention seeking that suggests it`s not just about the money and that fame or infamy at any reputational cost is the real motivation.

Perhaps the personification of narcissism conquering reason is the aforementioned Donald Trump. With vast inherited wealth, he seems to think that his voice should be the loudest regardless of what he is actually saying. When people don`t agree he shouts louder and when they walk away he says something outrageous to make them listen. When he is challenged he throws himself to the floor with fists and feet flailing like a spoilt toddler denied chocolate in a supermarket. If only Sigmund Freud were available to analyse Trump`s relationship with his inherited wealth.

It`s not that Trump actually believes any of the nonsense he is spouting. Like some Mid West “shock-jock” he will deliver calculated offence in the interest of ratings even if the target audience in Nowhere Nebraska is an extended family of sharecroppers and the occasional passing Raccoon. In all of this idiocy, Trump is not the villain and is fact being exploited. For television executives and newspaper editors, Trump is pay dirt and they will goad him into increasingly deranged behaviour so familiar in the audition episodes of TV talent shows and the bizarre dysfunctional families that inhabit daytime reality television. It`s cheap to do and it brings in viewers and advertising revenue.

With very little actual support, Trump is dominating the campaign in the media because the media adores a freak show. Remember the UK General Election when some bloke called Nigel was media omnipresent with very little actual support. Donald and Nigel only exist in the media and without the oxygen of attention, these disturbing narcissists would disappear. Unfortunately, the fear-mongering nationalism of mainstream politicians has created a vacuum where such unpleasant creatures can flourish. Bigotry is the new compassion.

Signing a petition to ban Trump from the UK because he wants to ban Muslims from the US is, to put it mildly, irony more outlandish that Henry Kissinger being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Liberals, social media, the left and anyone else still retaining any shred of human decency might be disgusted by Trump but imitating him will achieve nothing. As is doesn`t say in the Bible;
“A ban for a ban until every keyboard is broken.”
Trump should be invited here with red carpets, fanfares and rose petals just like all the other narcissists this nation deals with. Her Majesty the Queen has offered hospitality to attention seekers far more sinister than Donald. After a delicious curry in Brick Lane, the Queen can wave him off never to be seen again and then put her feet up at Windsor.

Off she went with a trumpety-trump…trump…trump…trump.


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