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January 9, 2016


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Get down John, you`re not the PM

Get down John, you`re not the PM

Amid allegations of political bias and the blatant disregard of balanced impartiality, the BBC has once again provoked a storm of outrage and a flood of complaints. This latest controversy centres on senior political correspondent Valerie Singleton`s attempt to interfere with the democratic process by asking former Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Geoffrey Howe if he might be considering his position as a member of the government.

Critics of Ms Singleton cite alleged bias in her reporting of the ongoing rift in the Thatcher government regarding the UK`s membership of the European Union and claim that the BBC is riddled with unpatriotic, anti-British, anti-Thatcher, pro-European communists intent on dismantling the nation`s defences. In the days prior to a crucial commons debate, Ms Singleton repeatedly described the Conservative Party as being fractured by a “nasty civil war” resulting in a “pantomime” that “would never be forgotten” with Mrs Thatcher “holed-up” in a “bunker” unable to control her MPs and facing open and vicious rebellion.

Supporters of Mrs Thatcher have complained bitterly of interference and manipulation of the news agenda and demanded the immediate sacking of Ms Singleton, Kenneth Kendal, Sir Robin Day and the entire BBC news editorial staff. At a reception hosted by Rolf Harris to honour Jonathan King, Mrs Thatcher was overheard saying that Jimmy Savile should be appointed as head of BBC news. Some conservative MPs were so surprised to discover that the BBC and other news outlets were biased in their reporting that they fainted with shock. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of trained medical professionals in Central London, the prone MPs had to be dragged by their feet to the members bar where an excellent selection of fine and subsidised Brandy was administered to aid their recovery.

The allegations against the BBC formed an unlikely alliance between the opposition parties and dissident Tory MPs who never liked Mrs Thatcher and although plotting against her for more than a decade, lacked the courage to actually challenge her leadership. Seeing their chance, they have defended Ms Singleton and have accused the government of wishing to curb press freedom and stifle any criticism. The government response is to point to a conspiracy and claim the Singleton tried to “persuade” Sir Geoffrey Howe to resign during a live television broadcast.

Howe duly resigned in an early live broadcast from the House of Commons fuelling further speculation of conspiracy following the passing of the controversial Broadcast Bill and the launch of British Satellite Broadcasting which was almost immediately swallowed up by Sky TV and News International just as BBC charter renewal began to be discussed. Some of the more fanciful theorists suggest that Sir Geoffrey was “persuaded” to resign at a time that would be the most damaging to his leader by Ms Singleton marching him to the door of the chamber with a gun to his head. This might explain why Neil Kinnock, the leader of the opposition, was able to taunt the Prime Minister with the resignation before she knew anything about it. Presumably this information was passed to Kinnock by the BBC using a hand-held electronic device that hasn`t been invented yet.

In 1990, Laura Kuenssberg was 14 and Stephen Doughty was 10 and they were both probably watching Blue Peter. Interestingly, politics now features cute farmyard animals and the occasional urinating baby elephant and the broadcast media is obsessed with trivia and interesting things to do with sticky backed plastic. Don`t forget to save those silver milk bottle tops for the starving children in Africa.

Margaret Thatcher resigned three weeks after Geoffrey Howe. It`s early days, but Jeremy Corbyn is still leader of the opposition and the BBC continue to offer opinion rather than news.


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  1. You’re right.
    The BBC was so busy offering opinions that it didn’t have time to report the news that hundreds of white women in various cities across Europe had been sexually assaulted by North African/Arab immigrants on New Years Eve.
    As usual, the attempted cover-up has just as many, possibly more, disturbing implications than the actual offence.
    Still, I suppose no scarifice is too great for the good of the “cause”, just so long as someone else is making it.

    Comment by Rob — January 10, 2016 @ 12:35 am | Reply

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