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February 26, 2016

Itish brethics

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It`s not clever, it`s not witty or even vaguely endearing and it`s certainly not as important or as significant as Bradele sweeping the board at the It Brawards. Simply prefacing the word “exit” with the letters b and r is lazy, trivial and a crime against both the English language and common decency. Only a complete brarsehole would invent a meaningless compound word to describe the most profound political decision facing this nation.

Imagine the French or Germans in a similar situation. In the unlikely event that a barely elected leader would jeopardise the future of a Europe that has mercifully survived 70 years of relative peace, harmony, stability and prosperity, would unashamedly foreign media invent the term “Dausgang” or “Frasortie” to justify an easy shorthand for utter desperation? We have to accept that our European partners have considerably more panache than the sorry excuse for journalism, political comment and the even more woeful “soshul meeja” that defines our island race.

There is little left to be said. European Union is to be decided by an immigration crisis brought about by dropping bombs on people and telling whopping great lies about the people we are dropping bombs on. It would seem that a crime has been committed if wishing to leave the BrUK has been “inspired” by a “so-called” organisation that is in full retreat due to the bombing of civilian areas in Syria and Iraq. If the Bridiots get their way, Rotherham, Bradford and anywhere else that wilfully harbours people wishing to obtain a better life for their children will be obliterated in the name of political expedience. Cameron is fighting for his political life and is failing. Boris Johnson is a joke that disguises evil intent with buffoonery and the Labour Party continue to undermine Corbyn. Europe is more important.

I like Adele – I think she`s ace – I like Britain and I like Europe. Please, please, please stop it with this Brexit nonsense. You don`t live in Exiter.


  1. Why, oh, why aren’t you writing for the Guardian? You make more sense and are more articulate than the vast majority of journalists who comment on matters of importance! Love your work, PH 🙂

    Comment by lightbluefish1964 — February 26, 2016 @ 7:22 am | Reply

  2. BRavo!

    Comment by Suzanne MacLeod — February 26, 2016 @ 9:31 am | Reply

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