The Plastic Hippo

March 26, 2016

Wrong, wrong, wrong



If we accept the old Spanish proverb that suggests a wise man is capable of changing his mind but a fool never will, I hereby tender my wisdom credentials by conceding that for a number of years I have been completely wrong about Iain Duncan Smith.

This damascene moment of realisation coincides with other glaring errors now mercifully reversed and corrected. I can only offer heartfelt apologies for years of snide invective, defamation, grubby insults and ignorant left-wing dogma based on the politics of envy. (more…)


March 16, 2016

Wife beater

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Responding to a legitimate if carefully planted parliamentary question regarding war crimes being committed in Syria, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has launched a blistering attack on the brave men and women of the US Air Force and the RAF. He said:

“Well I think my honourable friend reminds us of an important fact. Somebody goes in to another country, starts bombing civilian populations, destroying hospitals and schools. (more…)

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