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September 2, 2016

No chance

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Regardless of the selection process or the suitability of the candidate or even a cursory nod in the general direction of decency and honesty, only the most cynical of observers would be so mean-spirited to condemn anyone starting a new job especially if that job happens to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Everyone should be given a chance and as our new PM has already stated, each of us should be judged by how “smart” we are and how hard we are prepared to work.

Apart from making a complete mess of controlled immigration targets and being made to look ridiculous by various extreme clerics and all that unpleasant and unfortunately illegal racism brought about by poster vans inviting foreigners to go home, Theresa May was a marvellous Home Secretary. She took the chance to scrap protection for victims of domestic violence and introduce a snoopers` charter to prove that any critic of government is, in fact, supporting and encouraging terrorism. Police numbers have reduced but the number of deaths in police custody has increased.

In her first speech as Prime Minister, Theresa May talked of the “burning injustice” facing the UK. It is not quite clear if she is determined to change things or if she is boasting about what she has achieved after six long years as Home Secretary. She said:
“If you’re born poor you will die on average nine years earlier than others. If you’re black, you’re treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you’re white. If you’re a white, working class boy, you’re less likely than anybody else in Britain to go to university. If you’re at a state school, you’re less likely to reach the top professions than if you’re educated privately. If you’re a woman, you will earn less than a man. If you suffer from mental health problems, there’s not enough help to hand. If you’re young, you’ll find it harder than ever before to own your own home.”

It would seem that when given half a chance, even the shrewdest, most ambitious politician can once in a while actually tell the truth.

With the departure of her snake oil salesman predecessor, we might innocently hope for an end to the macho chest thumping yet strangely camp delivery of Cameron and the already forgotten Osborne. May may or may not deliver a premiership free from juvenile testosterone and smug privilege, but she is not immune from making colossal errors of judgement. Appointing Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary is undoubtedly a stroke of genius as this will silence the embarrassing oaf but will not stop bookmakers offering odds on a swift resignation. However, May has already had her chance and blown it.

Having had the perfect opportunity to sack Jeremy Hunt, she did not and that is simply unforgivable.



  1. Keith Vaz

    Comment by Rob — September 4, 2016 @ 11:54 pm | Reply

  2. You should try it Rob. Might cheer you up a bit.

    Comment by stymaster — September 5, 2016 @ 12:45 pm | Reply

  3. No need thanks. Mr Vaz’s prominence in the media is sufficient delight for me. It seems absolutely no time since he was blocking the inquiry into the activities of his old buddy:
    Happy days.

    Comment by Rob — September 5, 2016 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

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