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September 5, 2016

Muppet Show

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The Right Honourable Keith Vaz MP

The Right Honourable Keith Vaz MP

When lurid allegations begin to circulate regarding the private goings on of public figures, it is best to remember that very little is actually true unless a judge and or a jury are of the opinion that something or other might have happened. Consider the current misfortunes of one Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz the Labour MP for Leicester East. Constantly described as powerful and influential, Mr Vaz seems to have run into a spot of bother involving prostitutes, drugs and unprotected sex. Given the reputation of our elected representatives, this sort of behaviour might come as no surprise but we have yet to be offered any evidence of illegality. Keith should know; Keith is a lawyer.

There seems to be a certain arrogance of entitlement thrown around by certain elements of the rich, famous and powerful suggesting that they should be exempt from petty judgement and be allowed to carry on in whatever way they wish. When accused of hypocrisy or even being caught red-handed in some devilish scheme, some of our self-appointed betters take great umbrage and go on the offensive demanding redress for outrageous allegations. Passengers on Virgin Trains, former customers of British Home Stores and Irish taxpayers might recognise this all too common and rather shrill reaction.

Like Tony Blair, Keith Vaz has developed a non-stick coating that seems to deflect all sorts of unpleasantness no matter how genuine the muck is or how hard the muck is being thrown. Having survived two parliamentary inquiries regarding questionable payments, resigning as a minister on health grounds as the net was closing in and being suspended from parliament for some other mysterious goings on, Vaz has dedicated at least some of his time to securing his own expenses and British passports for Indian billionaires who just happen to be generous with charitable donations. Given this less than noble if allegedly legal portfolio, one might think that Vaz would ensure that he attracted no further negative attention. In fact, the last thing a powerful and influential Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee would do would be filmed and recorded in the company of prostitutes discussing the taking of illegal drugs but perhaps Mr Vaz thinks he is too important to be challenged.

It now seems that the men were paid by a third party involved in a charity set up by Mr Vaz. There are further confusing details that suggest the Eastern European male prostitutes were painters and decorators coming to sort out Mr Vaz`s second London home even though his first home is 12 miles from Westminster. The powerful and influential MP has apologised for his actions and has said that he will not chair any committee meetings discussing prostitution and drug abuse. He has also said that it is “deeply disturbing” that a national newspaper should pay people to bring down honest politicians in an elaborate sting. Make your mind up Keith.

What is interesting is that the national newspaper is the Daily Mirror. With the Labour Party currently eating itself from the inside out, why would a Labour supporting tabloid break the story now? What dirt is the old rascal holding and is he about to dish it? There is a possibility, of course, that the whole thing is a case of simple mistaken identity and that Mr Vaz is not the same person as Jim the washing machine salesman.

If this stuff wasn`t so serious, it would be funnier than the Muppet Show.

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  1. Personally, I never found the Muppet Show particularly amusing. But watching the walking wind-bag that is Keith Vaz getting his come-uppance has brought a few smiles to my face.

    Comment by The Realist — September 8, 2016 @ 9:48 am | Reply

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