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September 30, 2016


Via thesimpsons

Via thesimpsons

There was a time when hard work, integrity, honesty, diligence and morality were considered as rewards in themselves for any duty, task or employment but in an age when hypocrisy and negligence are essential requirements on the job description for public office, exemption from scrutiny and responsibility are as important as financial rewards. It would seem that dismissal, either fair or unfair, is unthinkable. Resignation from any post as a result of malpractice, maladministration or malfeasance is now a half-forgotten relic of some bygone age. Corruption can expect to be ignored, incompetence attracts reward and being caught red handed on the fiddle can be explained away as a simple human error.

With an elite now in a constant state of denial regarding culpability and trust, it comes as no surprise to find a bang to rights bent England football manager offering “entrapment” as a defence against being greedy, stupid and corrupt. Mercifully, he parts company amicably with a meagre pay off of one million after one game. Similarly, we discover that the world`s best cyclist suffers from asthma and that the only thing making him an Olympian rather than a Paralympian are a few harmless injections of banned drugs. Across the nation, proud residents are painting local pharmacies gold as Jeremy Hunt continues to destroy the NHS.

This form of superhuman invincibility has also allowed a corrupt and disgraced former cabinet minister to return and become the mastermind that will save the UK`s economic future. Liam Fox is little more than a crooked fantasist who is too stupid to realise that he has been set up to fail by those in power that understand that leaving the European Union can only lead to disaster. It is unlikely that this idiot will be seeking the opinions of Nissan car workers in Sunderland who believed the utter tosh he and his chums were peddling before the referendum.

In the same leaky boat is Boris Johnson, a prat of the first order, who has taken the definition of hypocrisy to new levels of brazen contempt. It has emerged that during his time as mayor, he sold off London`s fire appliances for a pound each to an old chum from Eton. Goodness knows what other scams have yet to be uncovered. He promised £350million a week for the NHS and now supports Turkey joining the EU even though he cited Turkey joining the EU as a reason to leave. For a self-proclaimed academic, he really is a bit dim. Now elevated to Foreign Secretary as a reward for being too stupid to realise that he is being set up to fail, this buffoon now represents the UK on a global stage. Frighteningly, the embarrassing oaf has a seat at the table with the big boys who discuss Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Israel. Imagine, if you will, the reaction of John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov to a clown like Johnson.

Indeed, when the American led coalition broke the fragile Syrian ceasefire by dropping a lot of bombs on some of Assad`s soldiers after they were spotted by a British drone, the talk was of mistake and investigation. The completely ridiculous ceasefire plan suggested joint airstrikes by the US and Russia against an ISIL target as easily defined as a farmer carrying a shovel. Astonishingly, the west trusted the Russians who, after all, are governed by Vladimir Putin who after manufacturing an end to the ceasefire bombed the blazes out of a UN aid convoy and then bombed Aleppo into an abattoir. The world, apart from Boris Johnson, condemned such barbarity which continues to target hospitals, schools and children. Instead of speaking out, Johnson instructed the British ambassador to the UN, a career diplomat, to talk the talk.

Boris Johnson remains curiously silent on the arms trade to deeply unpleasant governments currently bombing hospitals and schools in Yemen and Gaza with British made munitions. Perhaps the British ambassador to the UN is hoping for a more comfortable posting like the lucky chap who was once David Cameron`s chief spin doctor who now ends up as the UK ambassador to France but not like David Cameron`s earlier spin doctor who ended up in jail. Thank goodness Sir Philip Green has a bloody great big ocean going yacht moored off the French Riviera.

At the top of this festering heap of cronyism sits our new Prime Minister. Giving her victory speech in Downing Street after democratically defeating her rivals by stealth rather than ballot, she described the terrible inequality that this nation has endured during the previous six years she was a senior member of government. Later, she has moved to end inequality by bringing back grammar schools, continuing to sanction the dying and people with disabilities and allowing Jeremy Hunt to exist. “Brexit”, she claims, “is Brexit.” In other words, “it ain`t gonna happen.” Her latest pronouncement calls for stronger borders to deter the tide of refugees washing up upon our shores.

Well here is a clue Theresa. Stop bombing the houses and children of people oppressed by regimes you support and, really, stop selling weapons to monsters.


  1. Dismissal or resignation from public office is certainly a thing of the past:
    At least Theresa May didn’t have her new job “created” for her.
    Why so many people want to “save our NHS” is beyond me, maybe they’re on the payroll.

    Comment by Rob — September 30, 2016 @ 1:01 pm | Reply

    • Fuck me Rob, either you’re a top rate troll, or a sociopathic scumbag. I wonder which? If it’s the latter, why do you hate people so very much?

      Comment by stymaster — October 1, 2016 @ 11:38 am | Reply

  2. Turned out even her skin wasn’t quite thick enough:
    Would be interesting to see who’s cost the taxpayer the most. her or Pauline Cafferkey?

    Comment by Rob — October 7, 2016 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

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