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September 11, 2016

Secondary but not modern

Via Peguin Books

Via Peguin Books

Imagine inventing a new word to describe something undesirable only to find that the word quickly becomes part of common language but with its original usage completely reversed. Then consider the sorry experience of minor politician and sociologist Michael Young.

Credited with drafting large chunks of Labour`s 1945 manifesto, Young played a major part in securing a landslide victory for Clement Attlee and the almost unthinkable defeat of Sir Winston Churchill at the conclusion of the Second World War. The 1944 Butler Education Act established free and universal education and set the school leaving age at 15. It also introduced the tripartite system of education featuring grammar schools, secondary technical schools and secondary modern schools. In theory, comprehensive schools would combine features of all three streams. Allocation of school places was determined by academic examination when a child reached the age of 11. The results of a maths test, a general essay and a third test on general reasoning would define the child as a member of the elite, someone who could be trusted with expensive machinery or a basic manual labourer expected to be grateful for the chance at any education at all. (more…)

September 9, 2016

Area 50 Article 51



Area 51, as any self-appointed expert on alien life forms will more than happily tell you, is a top secret dark operations base located on a salt flat near Groom Lake in Nevada some 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas. The dead and injured victims of crashed space craft are taken there for either autopsy or examination. Some experts go so far as to suggest that surviving extraterrestrial beings are actually sharing their knowledge of advanced technology and are even now colluding with earthly governments in secret research. Obviously the presence of non-earthlings would create panic and be very bad for business for world religion so it makes perfect sense to keep such creatures locked up and safely out of sight. (more…)

September 5, 2016

Muppet Show

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The Right Honourable Keith Vaz MP

The Right Honourable Keith Vaz MP

When lurid allegations begin to circulate regarding the private goings on of public figures, it is best to remember that very little is actually true unless a judge and or a jury are of the opinion that something or other might have happened. Consider the current misfortunes of one Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz the Labour MP for Leicester East. Constantly described as powerful and influential, Mr Vaz seems to have run into a spot of bother involving prostitutes, drugs and unprotected sex. Given the reputation of our elected representatives, this sort of behaviour might come as no surprise but we have yet to be offered any evidence of illegality. Keith should know; Keith is a lawyer. (more…)

September 2, 2016

No chance

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Regardless of the selection process or the suitability of the candidate or even a cursory nod in the general direction of decency and honesty, only the most cynical of observers would be so mean-spirited to condemn anyone starting a new job especially if that job happens to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Everyone should be given a chance and as our new PM has already stated, each of us should be judged by how “smart” we are and how hard we are prepared to work.

Apart from making a complete mess of controlled immigration targets and being made to look ridiculous by various extreme clerics and all that unpleasant and unfortunately illegal racism brought about by poster vans inviting foreigners to go home, Theresa May was a marvellous Home Secretary. She took the chance to scrap protection for victims of domestic violence and introduce a snoopers` charter to prove that any critic of government is, in fact, supporting and encouraging terrorism. Police numbers have reduced but the number of deaths in police custody has increased. (more…)

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