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November 7, 2016

Nine angry men

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Juror 3

Juror 3

On the surface, it would seem to be highly unlikely that the small group of newspaper proprietors and editors currently screaming with incandescent rage in the general direction of the judiciary would take comfort from scripture found in the Bible. However, a quick look at Ephesians Chapter 4 Verses 26 and 27, “Be angry and do not sin: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil” (New King James Version) might just calm a savage breast. On the other hand, given a history of misrepresentation, duplicity, vitriolic sensationalism and even criminality, the hacks and their masters would probably interpret the text as “Anger is holy; blood and vengeance will be ours. The devil works for us.”

It is interesting to note that the overwhelming will of the people to leave the European Union has roughly divided the nation in half and the demands to ignore parliamentary democracy and dispense with the rule of law are being championed and, indeed, provoked by the same small group of people who demanded parliamentary democracy and the rule of law. The simple man and woman in the street who voted against being shackled to the whims of an unelected faceless bureaucracy and who supported taking back control of our sovereignty, borders and laws must now be a little confused. The bile and opprobrium being hurled at anyone who lacks the basic decency to accept the result of the European referendum had become as venomously shrill as it is darkly sinister. It seems that judges are “enemies of the people” and a part of a “loaded foreign elite” intent on the betrayal of the British people and high treason against the crown. With the judiciary enacting exactly what the Leave campaign wanted, it is difficult to understand what has caused this massive loss of rationality and even dignity within a “loaded foreign elite” without the common decency to accept the ruling of the High Court to preserve the sovereignty of the UK parliament. Obviously, these nine angry men expect and deserve the right to privacy for themselves and their families and it is no surprise that they should be reclusive and rather shy. Sadly, that is not a right that they bestow upon the members of the public that they are happy to prey upon.

Desmond Wittow

Desmond Wittow

The pornographer and owner of the Daily Express and Daily Star and former owner of the truly dreadful Channel 5, Richard Desmond, has donated considerable sums of money to UKIP believed to be between one and two million pounds Sterling and that`s a lot of back copies of his Asian Babes publication. Clearly Mr Desmond is not a racist. Sadly it seems that due to an unfortunate misunderstanding with the entirely innocent and fine upstanding Gambino family over a completely above board business arrangement, Mr Desmond will be made ever so welcome should he ever dare to set foot in New York City ever again. His editor is Hugh Whittow who, when asked to give evidence during the Leverson Inquiry shrugged his shoulders and grinned when asked about endless lurid and totally false front page stories regarding the disappearance of a child in Portugal. His defence, it seems, is that the Press Complaints Commission did nothing to stop him causing incalculable distress by printing absolutely massive lies. In this man`s world, his wrongdoing was all the PCCs fault. It is difficult to fathom how disreputable creatures of this breathtaking hypocrisy manage to to hold on to lucrative employment let alone any reasonable definition of what constitutes a human being.

Rothermere Dacre

Rothermere Dacre

The inheritor of an enormous fortune and great grandson of a patriotic Englishman who vociferously gave his support to Adolf Hitler, the 4th Viscount Rothermere owns the Daily Mail and enjoys non-domicile status to avoid paying tax within the United Kingdom. His shy if satanic familiar at the Daily Mail is a certain Paul Dacre who hated the thought of a government he did not want so much that he launched an entirely false campaign of hatred against the dead father of the leader he did not want to win. Dacre was a member of the Press Complaints Commission until he became chair of the PCCs Editors` Code of Practice Committee.





Identical twins Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay acquired the Daily Telegraph from the Hollinger Group in 2004. Its former proprietor, Canadian Conrad Black is a convicted fraudster and former resident of a high security Federal Correctional Institution in Miami Florida. Astonishingly, Conrad Black remains a member, although absent, of the House of Lords. The Barclay brothers avoid paying tax by living in Monaco and on their own private island just west of Sark. When the people of Sark elected members of their assembly against those favoured by the brothers, Sir David and Sir Frederick closed the hotel they owned on Sark making 170 islanders redundant. When the only doctor on Sark displeased these gentlemen, he was hounded away from the island in the columns of the Daily Telegraph. Not the smartest of moves by two old men who live on a remote island in order to avoid making a contribution to the general good of the UK. Nobody has ever heard anything about the current editor of the Daily Telegraph except that his name, apparently, is Evans.

Murdoch Gallagher

Murdoch Gallagher

No attempt at interference in the democratic process by an individual could fail to mention Rupert Murdoch. When asked about his animosity toward the European Union, the former Australian now United States citizen is alleged to have said that when he goes to Brussels, governments ignore him but when he goes to Downing Street, Prime Ministers do what he tells them to do. The latest editor of his rancid tabloid is a character by the name of Tony Gallagher, formerly of the Daily Mail and later sacked by the Daily Telegraph. He fills the shoes of lying, cheating low-life like Kelvin MacKenzie and Rebekah Wade. Hillsborough, a murdered schoolgirl and the exploitation of a missing child are just day-to-day front-page fodder to these parasites.

So these nine angry men now wish to inflame their dwindling readerships with talk of betrayal and an incitement to insurrection because they resent the authority of elected MPs to decide on favourable tax conditions for wealthy overseas media moguls. Fortunately, the ageing buyers of the Mail, Express and Telegraph demented enough to believe anything that is printed therein will be dead of natural causes before Article 50 comes close to being triggered. As for the Murdoch tabloid and the Desmond rag, we can look forward to a plethora of Darwin Award nominations when the readers who can manage words as well as pictures realise that they have been led up the garden path by a bunch of manipulative vermin.

With a weak government and a weaker Prime Minister more afraid of four or possibly five newspaper proprietors than parliament or the electorate, this is not going to end well. Now resorting to blatant racist, sexist and homophobic hatred, the press barons are too stupid to realise how far behind the reality curve they have become. The printed press is dying.

I would much rather spend some time in the company of an openly gay, ex-Olympic fencing High Court Judge than an overweight, profoundly unattractive middle-aged or very old hack with an unhealthy obsession with the pre-pubescent children of minor celebrities. Similarly, lunch with the rather wonderful Gina Miller, an individual who has done more than an entire government to restore some modicum of sanity to an orderly exit from Europe, would be time well spent. Unlike, for example, a single glimpse at a television image of the loathsome, busted flush Farage creature that even now is so desperate for attention that he is encouraging violence on the streets unless he gets his own way.

Perhaps one day, when the scandal sheets have published their last falsehoods and inventions, some of these vile bastards will face a jury of their peers charged with putting circulation figures and profit before basic humanity.

The judiciary might want to throw in a charge of incitement to riot and the tacit encouragement of mob rule. Chances are the nine angry men will not bother to turn up. Forget scripture, if it actually exists; these men are going to hell.


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