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November 21, 2016

Siren`s song

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Pandora`s Box

Pandora`s Box

There are two golden rules that any politician blessed with wisdom and integrity should adhere to; in victory, avoid arrogant gloating and in defeat, never ever describe the electorate as being stupid. Sadly, political wisdom and any semblance of integrity have packed their bags and said goodbye to the circus leaving the winners in gleeful hysteria and the defeated moaning and whinging at the unfairness of it all. There was a time when it needed an elected term of four or five years to discover that a candidate is a liar, a cheat, a fraudster, a racist, homophobic misogynist bigot who cannot be trusted under any circumstance. Remarkably, it seems that these character failings are promoted as reasons for vote for some unspeakable bully and has resulted in actual electoral victories. We live, so we are told, in a “post truth” era.

It is totally wrong to suggest that UK voters deciding to leave the European Union are in some way mentally deficient or lack the basic intelligence to make a considered judgement; most voted to leave for perfectly credible reasons. However, there are some who voted to leave who display the density of pig excrement. Similarly, those of our American cousins who voted Trump cannot all be considered with a duelling banjos soundtrack. The problem is, some of them can. On the opposing sides, those wishing to remain in the EU lost the argument and across the ocean, those who favoured Clinton may have won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College. Those that did not vote on both sides of the pond seem to have won. We live in a “post democratic” society.

With a UK government floundering and desperately seeking even the merest hint of a clue regarding a strategic withdrawal from Europe and a US President Elect clueless in the face of unexpected victory, the possibility of complete chaos is a viable scenario. The false promises made and the downright lies told by just about everyone who demands our trust will probably never be challenged. As Trump has to settle out of court on multiple charges of fraud before his inauguration and the Farage creature acting like a petulant five-year-old when his crooked party has been caught red handed illegally using EU funding, we are now living in a “post ironic” world. Nothing says “anti- establishment champion of the common working man and woman” than two profoundly unattractive misogynist products of an inherited wealth elite posing in front of a gold elevator in, let`s face it, a rather vulgar lottery winner chic building.

It is all too easy to point a finger at a compliant media desperate for ratings and circulation who printed or broadcast just about any old nonsense regardless of accuracy or even taste. Trump dominated the media and the EU leavers received and continue to receive a disproportionate level of media coverage. In a “post fake news” society, an anti-Semitic white supremacist becomes a “conservative firebrand”, man-made climate change is a Chinese conspiracy, Vladimir Putin is doing the right thing in bombing hospitals and schools and only rich people are allowed medical treatment. The BBC devotes considerable air time on, of all days Armistice Day, to Marine Le Penn, a notorious racist and gives up a proportion of its news output to the Farage creature. It even reported Jeremy Clarkson`s “tricky year” when the serial racist bully needed to plug his new juvenile offering on another network. It would appear that the state broadcaster is funding party political broadcasts on behalf of right wing extremists.

Questioning the propriety of the Trump campaign and the quite separate leave campaign invariably results in vitriolic condemnation from the victors. Those that ask for facts to back up various outlandish claims are moaners and whiners who refuse to accept the democratic will of a slim majority; four per cent is not a landslide sweetheart. We are experiencing an erosion of both democracy and freedom and there is very little we can do about it other than write an insignificant blog that very few people read or believe.

The danger does not actually lie with Trump or Le Penn or the repulsive Farage; it lies with the idiots that they have duped and are continuing to be exploited by ego maniacs interested only in their own malicious ends. Trump will be exposed and impeached for tax fraud, various federal misdemeanours and possibly child rape. Presumably he will relocate to Turkey where he will escape prosecution if he agrees to marry his victims. We are, believe it or not, actually living in the year 2016. Le Penn will go the way of her fascist father and the Farage creature will implode when faced with credible European scrutiny and yet another electoral defeat. The idiots that have been duped, however, will not easily retire to a cosy “post truth” world of ridiculous nostalgia.

To shamelessly mix metaphors, the genie is out of the bottle, Pandora`s Box has been opened and the Siren`s song calling unwary sailors onto the rocks is deafening. The newly empowered stupid and poor who have been told that it is immigrants who have made them stupid and poor will eventually realise that Trump and the Leavers have lied through their teeth and are backtracking on everything the anti-establishment elite promised. At this point, every Harpy, Succubus, Qarinah, Yakshini, Siren and Mermaid singing each to each will navigate us to destruction even if we remain lashed to the mast.

At least we now exist in an irrational “post feminist” world.

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